what is your zodiac?

Discussion in 'General' started by 420something, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. my zodiac is scorpion
    what about you guys ?
  2. Aquarius
  3. pisces or aquarius different places have different dates.........
  4. I'm a Taurus, sign of the bull.
  5. Leo. :)

    August 5th.
  6. Sagittarius (sp?)
  7. Virgo
    Aug, 26th
  8. ...mines a crab i think.. ..June 27th??
  9. Sagatarius according to most places. I'm on November 22, right on the line between sagartarius and scorpio, I believe.
  10. A lot of zodiac charts show me as a Libra but some show me as something else, I can't remember what the something else is.

    Sept 23
  11. capercorn
    im a goat
  12. Leo!

    August 6th
  13. I know like 7 people who are born on November 22
  14. ^^^

    I know another person who was born on November 22.

    JFK got blasted on my birthday.

  15. hells ya! my b-day is august 6th!
  16. ^ hey, we can wish eachother happy birthday! and JRilla's b-day is the 5th, right before ours. right on man.
  17. im a libra i think whats a libre
  18. Im a September 26er.. what ever the hell that is.

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