What is your worst Pet Peeve ~ List here!

Discussion in 'General' started by DRoXiK, May 11, 2011.

  1. Holy crap I cannot stand it when somebody chews with their mouth open, or tries to talk while they have a mouthful of food. Then you are all just like .." What the crap are you trying to say, swallow your damn food and try again"

    Raised by a pack of savages or what!


    sheeeeze.. so that is my #1

    what is yours?
  2. i dont like when people mumble.. take the dick out of your mouth and speak clearly idc about how loud but just speak clear. another pet peeve is dumb people in general , next is being out of bud/ being broke

  3. yeah but i dont think that is really a peeve, i think that is just something you hate.. the being broke / bud thing.

    peeve is gonna be something that just fricken urks you. like sends a twinge down your spine and makes you wanna just slap that person lolol
  4. People getting their spit on the joint or piece. Hate that shit.
  5. It fucking gets right on my tits when people are late, also people who cut you up while walking, shit that bugs me.

    I swear if it wasn't for grass I would have killed someone by now :yay:

  6. oh man that's gross, didn't think about that.

    that is def a WTF moment
  7. In fact thinking about it now - everything which moves or prevents me from moving as fast as I want to go pisses me off full stop.

    Fuck sounds bad right? :cool:

  8. no, i get the same way while driving and im like the only person coming down the road. then they cut infront of me really quick causing me to jam the breaks.. then they go slow as hell..

    you are like WTF you could have waited 2 seconds and just pulled out onto the road behind me!
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    Like walking or in a car. Cuz slow people piss me off. Im a nascar driver on the road bitches better get the fuck out of my way.
  10. Yeah happens loads in the car, but even when I am walking down the street, people who are going slower than I want to go drive me fucking crazy, slow working internet/computers....god best not let me get started on that subject:mad:

    Driving around Paris is the most stressed out I have ever been :smoke:

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    Iv learned while walking 1) walk fast 2) hum the mission impossible theme song loudly at the same time. People get the fuck out of the way for that one iv noticed. Works great it Wal-Mart.

  12. never been overseas, but for the couple weeks that i was working in manhattan i wanted to punch a bitch in the face. driving a car in downtown new york city is the stupidest thing ever (my fault). everybody just honks their horn for no freaking reason. i mean, it won't help anything.. the guy in front of you isn't moving because the guy in front of him is stuck behind the next guy and so on.

    that and everybody drives within 1 inch of you, stressed me the hell out lol

    i guess car horns just tick me off in general....

    OMG i just thought of something..

    when people basically fall asleep waiting for a light, then it finally turns green after you waited forever and the guy in front of you NEVER GOES!
  13. When I can hear people eating and breathing at the same time.
    When I can SMELL people. I have a very sensitive nose.
    When people talk about things they know nothing about.
    When people don't wash their hands before preparing food.
    When I can hear people shitting.
    When people look like slobs 24/7.
    When people answer rhetoric questions.
  14. when people rage about insignificant things in life.
  15. -people who stand close to you at the store and reach in front of you for something
    -friends come over and act like they own your place (get into fridge and cabinets without asking)
    -people suggest to do stuff or buy things when they don't have money and expect you to pay for it
    -chewing with mouth open
    -worst pet peeve of all....in-laws (everything they do makes me mad)
  16. ignorance...

    it comes in many forms, and i hate it all.
  17. ^ Ignorance pretty much cover every one, haha!
    Chewing with mouth open, bad senses of humor, no sense of humor blahh
  18. when people pocket my lighters. grrrr.
    bikers who think they're cars. especially if they're wearing the skin-tight suits with the weird aerodynamic hemets. i just want to run them over when i see them do the arm signal shit.
  19. When someone torches a bowl.

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