What is your type of girl?

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  1. one with a vagina
  2. [​IMG]

    oh you said girl. my bad.
  3. idk what j/w means.
  4. my type of girl is really laid back, not clingy, but not too distant. someone i can look at as my best friend, and actually enjoy hanging out with.

    attractive to me, and i dont care if they smoke weed or not. just as long as they dont judge me for how i live my life.
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    ^this man has it right.

  6. Damn that's hot

  7. Im down.
  8. this. exactly this.
  9. I won't date a actress rather have a fat bitch, jump on my lap & break the fuckin mattress.
  10. my kind of girl is one who fucks on the first date and isnt mad when I dont call her back.
  11. go figure i've yet to find anyone close to who i'm searching for :(

    the last girl tore me up pretty bad... it's been awhile since i've been back in the dating scene
  12. im looking for the kinda girl who can get down with the guys, like i go to raves and electronic music festivals and when i go there, im partying really fucking hard, doing all the stuff u do at raves, and theres nothing sexier than a chick that can party just as hard as the guys, anything less is just a buzzkill

    besides that, someone who is just fun to be with, someone who wants to basically just hang out and smoke blunts and fuck when were not partying...a girl whos funny, at least attractive to me, and has a nice ass

    girls who like the same music as me is a huge fucking turn on too

    so essentially im just looking for a fun girl, as you can tell im obviously not looking for a wife here haha
  13. Skinny, long hair. Makes a good cheeseburger.

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    He knows what's up ^
  15. One with a huge clit and dinner plate nips.
  16. Not really a type, but I'm just kicking back waiting for a girl who truly blows my fucking mind to come along. Oh, and she's gonna be down to earth and smoke weed too haha
  17. Absolutely fucking insane, and in possession of a penis

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