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what is your top three favorite things to do when ur blazed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by salomonnf, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. I think mine are:
    2.smoking a butt
    3.playing video games
  2. Biking

  3. everything i like doing sober i like doing better high, cept sports.
  4. chillin playing video games.
    anything else i enjoy while not bunned
  5. 1- my fave thing to do is smoke alone and just chill with some good music.

    2- talk total nonsense with my friends

    3- smoke some more!
  6. Big crazy deap conversations about big crazy deap important big things.

    thinking. (helps for the above) & meditating & other advanced uses of human capability (energy manipulation)

    playing computa games... Soul Calibur is supreme fun when stoooooned. & other forms of entertainment (music/film/art)


    counting. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 3. ;) :p :D
  7. watching cartoons
    surfing the net
    and ofcourse haveiing sex! lol
    and play with my cats and dogs
    and takeing long walks
  8. 1. Listening to and writing music/lyrics
    2. Thinking
    3. Eating
  9. 1. Sex
    2. Surfing
    3. Surf some more
  10. -Smoke more
  11. play guitar
    make some good lovin
    hang out w/friends and smokin more!
  12. wacth a good movie
    video games
  13. play guitar, watch tv, go somewhere
  14. 1. Eating (nothing is more gratifying)
    2. Listening to music
    3. Being around girl friend
  15. Sex, eating, and video games. In no particular order.
  16. The three things I'm doing right now, of coruse! :) Listening to Music, Surfing the Web, and zoning out. :D
  17. 1. random computer-related stuff (listening to music, talking to friends, grasscity, zoning out)
    2. lying down with some kickass music
    3. and staring at my hands
  18. 1. Video Games
    2. Music
    3. Thinking
  19. Watch The Family Guy
    Listen to music
    And of course smoke some more
  20. 1. hackey sack with fellow smokers.
    2. listen to good music.
    3. chillin.

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