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what is your top 3 outdoor strains to grow?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by capt.cannabis, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. i am a outdoor grower who has ordered seeds online and i was wondering what were some of the dankest strains for out door in your opion. whats your top 3 for outdoor? if u have experience give a pic and what not.
  2. not tryna bust into your thread my good man, but i purchased some double diesel ryder And Lowboldt Feminized Seeds From Sagamartha, Does ANYBODY Know Anything About These Strains??
  3. Hundreds of them.
  4. Try some durban poison, great yeilds and color. Hollands hope, big bud, any afgahn strain
  5. Any sativa dominant strain should grow great, but thats just my own preference.
  6. You will see on websites where they have an outdoors strain section, i never get those. They are good strains but not the best. It only depends on your growing environment, and what your looking for, body high, head high, a good mix, etc. Any way i go with indicas, they help with my nausea , help me sleep, and they stay short for the most part. They finish earlier too which is always a plus to me.:bongin:
  7. just look at flowering time and look for stuff with Mold and bug restantance. airy bud is def makes a good OD.

    Just matters where you live. or even location of place you choose.
  8. lets say that i live in fl and have rain daily for and hour or two and hot sun for the rest. i know i could purchase skunk or some other easy to grow strain but that not what i lookin for whats the dankest an maintainable outdoor atrain you have seen or personally grown
  9. right now im growing durban poison and its doing great. ive heard alot of other peeps say great things about it too. havent smoked it but cant wait. they are doing overall the best out of the different strains im growing. it has good mold and bug resistance and you gotta love the sativa high... going to the plot tom and will have up dated pics if ur interested

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