What is your take on the latest interview

Discussion in 'General' started by AngryYodaIs, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. with Sandusky

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWGEHZZ-v0Q]Jerry Sandusky Interview with Bob Costas 11-14-2011 - YouTube[/ame]
  2. He should just off himself
  3. He seems like an even bigger creep now
  4. Fucking cock knocker.
  5. He definitely fucked those kids
  6. He is probably guilty of murder too, or hired someone for murder. The DA that was investigating him years ago just vanished and they found his stuff in a creek. All I know if I have to park at the capital everyday and there seems to be an unlimited amount of news vans.. Fuckers take my parking spot.
  7. Sandusky exhibits many sociopathic tendencies during this interview.

    the fact that he is so monotone and matter of fact about most of the events he was questioned about in this interview, and then stumbles at the end when he is asked if he's sexually attracted to young boys is a good indicator that he is guilty as well.

    I know that if i got falsly accused of such heinous crimes, i would be pissed. I would openly question my accusers, and i would definitely be very emotional.
    Sandusky is none of those things...

    Hang the guilty pedo, theres no place in society for scumbags like him.
  8. He will get killed in prison. Hes obviously guilty and that interview just hurt his cause. Im not sure why he agreed to the interview in the first place. He should just kill himself...better than getting brutality murdered after being raped repeatedly in prison.

    If he is acquitted it will be 1000x worse of a deal than OJ.

  9. Well in my opinion he acted as one should when there's a pending trial against him. Deny everything, say that you can't recall certain events, and so forth. He doesn't want to say anything that can hurt his case. He has obviously spoken to his lawyer. As for the crimes, I'm sure he's done them. No one is going to go and make up stories about him like that.

  10. If i was his lawyer, i would have advised him to not talk at all.
    all that interview did was make him sound like a major creepo...

    I guess im just really still shocked about how he sort of dodged the last question where he was asked if he was sexually attracted to young boys, and then like 30 seconds later denies hes attracted to em.

    he sounds guilty to me, hopefully this isnt casey anthony all over again...

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