What is your super power while high?

Discussion in 'General' started by Journeyman, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. Well maybe not super power, but something you do particularly well while high. For me it would be catching things. Every time I'm high I catch the most insanely small things like tic tacs, and I have saved a few pipes before and falling joints etc. Anyways, anyone else have some sort of power while high?
  2. my astral self eases out of my body easier when im high..

    ..also i can sometimes finish my friends sentences..only when im high thou
  3. Haha, I do pretty much the same thing. I have amazing reflexes when I'm high. I also pick up on stuff a lot quicker, such as learning new things, compared to if I was sober.
  4. I can throw a new born baby 34 yards when I'm high.
  5. I kill psychic vampires.
  6. hahaha you fucking rule pete, i've never been able to toss an infant more than a few feet after smoking.
  7. That's when you kick 'em instead. Still counts.
  8. I know that this is the same for most stoners, but I can play video games especially well when stoned.. Halo 3 is total evidence of that.. I also love mario party uno.

    when I'm super baked, I can definitely make people laugh with weird visualizations and odd thoughts I get..

    think: "a group of purple pterodactyls dancing in front of a yellow sky background"
    "cartoon mexicans in texas ranger uniforms strolling down to the saloon"
    "the usefulness of a stream in a trench so that people can pee in it to keep the trench sanitary"

    maybe you have to have been there.. :D
  9. wow that's insane, i also have amazing reflexes when im baked...weird...
  10. Scrabble and writing... for some reason smoking makes me better at manipulating the english language
  11. I'm noticed my reflexes are only improved toward smoking devices and such. Things you would care about when your blazed.

    Normally i'll hear my roommate yell out "BONG"

    and its in my hand before he can say anything else.

    If I hear my roommate say, "CUP"

    I laugh as a cupfull of patron hits the ground.
  12. I can sing pretty well when I'm sober,
    but when I'm stoned,
    I can hit every note right and keep the tune completely steady.

  13. or your jsut really bad and you think your really good? haha im kidding im sure you have a lovely voice
  14. Nah, I've recorded myself both high and sober.

    Besides that, I can't do anything any better. Since I'm new to smoking, I still have a hard time controlling my high, so some things are worse than when I'm sober.

  15. You gotta grab it by the ankle and swing it around in circle first to build up some momentum.

    It's similar to pitching a softball. Gotta use that centripetal force.:cool:
  16. why would you want to control it? The best thing is just letting your mind go free, and enjoy the simple things.

  17. haha had me on the floor laughing
  18. When I'm high I can throw combo's better, it seems like it just flows form the brain to the fist like water. When I'm sober its kinda like I have to force it a little bit... Also can catch lighters pretty good... Thats all though.
  19. I can shoot lightning from my penis.

    Haven't discovered what I can do when I'm high, though.

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