What is your smoke? Must Answer

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by My_hydro, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. I'd like to hear from as many members as possible on this one. What is your favorite bud to smoke and why? Do you like Sativa, indica, hybrid? What strain is your absolute go to? I'm about to purchase 3 new strains and would like to hear what you guys think.
  2. I'll go first. For starters I prefer Sativa or Sativa Dominate plants and so far the best strain I've smoked was called flaming banana from a buddy of mine who grows. I've smoked better sativas but all were unknown strains and I hope to find that unknown some day.
  3. i like this SEXY master kush i got a mother of and i got some special bred shit called "alms 2 da sober kush" thats prolly my all time favorite! (TRIMMING BRED RIGHT OUT!! JUST A COUPLE LIL "SAILS" AT THE BASE OF EACH TOP!!!and its a tasty HEADY kush ;) )

  4. Girl Scout Cookies!
  5. Balanced hybrids give me the best highs, The creative mind-fire of sativas as well as a relaxing/balancing effect of indicas. AK-47 and White Widow are some good examples of this.
  6. Amnesia haze , white cheese auto , chronic , California orange , and I once got some bud off a guy that was awesome a real one joint couch lock but unluckily that was a no name bag of weeds that I'll probably never find on my growing adventure

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  7. I am indica-bound. Recently death bubba & tuna kush have been my go to strains. Uk cheese all day though, favorite sativa right there. No burnout, but smoking enough can put you out

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