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    I am curious to know what you can use in the net pots for the plant to sit in?
    Prefer not to use hydroton or rockwool.Would coco work? And is it ok if you put a sprouted seed in or would you have to use dripper for that? I am guessing that it less of a hassle to just get rockwool to plant the sprouting seed. How does a seedling get its water in a DWC? Does it just have to be filled to the top? I would like to put the seed straight in. No, rockwool bullshit. Maybe thinking of using a sponge (maybe a specific type of sponge would be better?) and attaching a dripper. But then would have to cover the sponge to prevent it from getting algae, no? And I would also have to get a pump. :/

    The problem is that my local store does not carry most of equipment required for grow.I want a simple DWC, but is only possible if I can find a source of supplies. I also heard suretogrow is a great medium to use for the net pots.

    As for the nutrients, which are some that some of you are using?
    Any from the local store? Do ones from local store work well?
    I am thinking of just getting the nutrients from Lowes. One for vegetative stage (more nitrogen), another for flowering (more phosphorus and potassium. I could not find anything with micronutrients. I know the ones at Lowes are not really meant for this type grow, but it is all I can find at safe location.

    I would also like to ask what size container/reservoir is ideal? My intentions were to just get one that has a low height for more growing room, but I also do not want to jam the roots in such a small area either. Would it really matter anyway?

    By the way, this is all to fit in a 2ftx1ftx3ft plastic cabinet box. So, 5 gallon buckets would not really be what I am looking for. Looking at my other threads may help you get an idea with what I am working with. Just to make it clear, I am not a beginner, I am just trying to switch to hydro with a concrete blueprint.

    Any suggestions on what I could potentially improve on, would be great.
  2. Ok well I'll try to answer your questions.

    You can get a neoprene to hold your plant stem in place. Either that or I would use dioton/hydroton.

    I would make a bubble bucket and use that. A 5 gallon bucket will give your lady plenty of room to grow. Search for rumpleforeskin's guide for how to make a bubble bucket.

    As far as nutrients, you can buy them online. For a bubble bucket I would go with General Hydroponics Flora Series GMB. SCRoG your lady probably 12-16" over your bucket. Happy growing.
  3. With the space that you're going to be working with, you should check out micro grows Micro Grows - Grasscity.com Forums

    Bubble Buckets 101 - you'll find answers to questions you have about how DWC works there ;)

    Also read the stickies at the top of Absolute Beginners Absolute Beginners - Grasscity.com Forums

    and Indoor Growing
    Indoor Marijuana Growing - Grasscity.com Forums

    and grow room design and set up might be helpful to you as well.
    Grow Room Design/Setup - Grasscity.com Forums

    Read, read, read!

    Good luck! :smoke:

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