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What is your Reason for Living?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by SanFermin, Mar 26, 2009.

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    So I just read that long about moving Bibles in the library to the fiction section.
    There are myriad examples of why this is, irrefutably, some of the most immature reading I have yet to do on this site. I'll name a few...
    1) So you disagree with the tenants of Christianity... Okay, understandable. However, this in no way proves the Christian Bible to be a work of entirely fiction. Much of it's work can, and often is, used to trace back through generations of information. Information that is supported by un-biased, evolutionist anthropologists. Many Archeological finds are often found with great detail in the Bible.
    2) Another reason Christianity is not necessarily fiction... You really have no way of proving it's fictitious nature. True, evolution is a much better explanation for how today's world came to be, and I believe evolution to be correct. However, not all Christians believe in Creationism. To say this is, is to be ill-informed. Christianity is simply believing in the Jesus story, and really only 3 parts: He is God on earth/God's son (even they can't decide which, thus the denomination split), He lived and died teaching a message of peacefulness and benevolence, He rose from the grave, etc...
    It is true that many "Christians" fail to follow the 2nd part, the actual teachings of Jesus. If they did SOOOOOO many Wars would have never happend.
    3) It is entirely uncalled for!!!
    Malenki, who got banned and had to form a new sn, was entirely right with his remarks.
    He made several good examples of how the act of that OP was rude and uncalled for.

    I actually know him IRL. He is not quite a devote "Go on Mission Trips" Christian. I mean he believes in God, Heaven, Hell, etc..., but certainly not a "Bible Thumper" as someone so eloquently put it.

    His point was to show this: It doesn't matter what you believe, because everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. Whether you are a Muslim, a Christian, a Jew, Hindu, Taoist, Shamanistic, Pantheist, Atheist... whatever. You not believing in anothers religion, doesn't mean their beliefs are Fictitious.
    Nobody, NOBODY!!, REALLY knows the truth. Therefore, EVERYBODY is Agnostic, whether they say it or not. It's all up in the air and NOONE know the true answer. Nobody knows until they die.

    Religion is merely a way for explaining the unexplainable, for coping with the "Divine". For most people, it's what gives their life purpose and meaning. It's the reason they get up in the morning and go to work. The reason the go do the jobs you don't want to do. It gives them a reason to live.

    We all have something that gives us a Reason for Living. What's yours?

    I realize some of you wouldn't give 2 shits if someone threw a book that has meaning to you down a sewer, but some people do care; whether you think they should or not is irrelevant, they can't help their caring.

    A biological reaction occurs, sparking an emotional response. It's just how our body works, and not everyone's works the same way.
    It doesn't matter what you believe.

    So why do something to trample on one's spirits?
  2. I fight for people of every creed. :smoking:
  3. What is my reason for living? Simple.. To exist. :)
  4. Your post is completely right. I was going to say the almost exact same reasoning but for some reason never got around to it. People don't realize that the Bible is used extensively as a history book for people who aren't even Christians.
  5. It has not occurred to me in a long time to find a reason to live. Existence has and is constantly, moment to moment, revealing itself to be a blissful experience and everything I see and experience everywhere, including myself, are intrinsically appearing to be divine and interconnected with a beautiful, pristine intelligence.

    I find no reason to need a reason to live. I simply cannot get my head around this concept anymore - the experience is too blissful. Only if one considers life sub-par or bad can one need a reason.
  6. "I think, therefore I am"

    The meaning of life is different for each and everyone of us.
  7. If you inquire, not intellectually, you will discover that your I Amness is distinct and uninvolved, and precedes your capacity to think.
  8. You do realize you answered the question right.

    "I find no reason to need a reason to live. I simply cannot get my head around this concept anymore - the experience is too blissful."

    That blissful beauty is your reason. Every moment is ever changing bringing new experiences.

    Sounds like a good enough reason to me. That's pretty much my answer also, just for the record.
  9. money, cars, mansions, art, life, music...shit, there are too many
  10. Not trying to be a dickhead but, isn't that the whole point to his response to this thread?
  11. Only if you run around logic and enforce an idea of human nature. Its similar to saying "A belief in no God is still a belief". Believing in God is not an innate thing, it is acquired, hence not believing in God is not the belief in no God. Similarly, it is not that bliss is my reason for living - needing a reason is not an innate thing, it occurs upon being alive in the human paradigm for long enough to doubt existence and/or feel sad, anxious, or angry enough to start needing a reason. I simply need no reason to live.
  12. Why do we need a reason to live? Can't I just simply live in harmony and in tune to my surroundings? I suppose people have a reason to live but what about the ones that don't? Are they the ones who take their life by suicide or a person like me? But what would differ me from the ones who take their life? You can't answer that, as I cannot answer my reason for my presence as I haven't found it.. yet.
  13. Okay, now I see what you were meaning. Before it just seemed like Androgenicx acting like,'I don't need a reason to live. I just do whatever and feel the beauty and enjoy it and get up in the morning simply for that', which caused me to feel as though he was saying not needing a reason to live... is his reason to live? I guess? But now I see understand to what you both were referring.

    One does not necessarily "need" a reason (I wasn't saying everyone needed a reason, just that for most people that feeling of a reason is what keeps them going). One can simply coexist with all other beings and simply just be.
    This is very much discussed in the "Tao Te Ching" (not to sound like a stereotype stoner philosopher).

    Also, the ball thing from the film "I Heart Huckabees" is also a great example.:wave::smoking:

    At least I think that's what you mean. If not please let me know. This is a good discussion.
  14. i agree OP, to belittle someone for their beliefs is beyond ignorant. to say someone is wrong, when in fact EVERYONE is wrong, because there is no right (that we know of), is a work of complete idiocracy.

    that being said, my reason for living is well... to discover the meaning of living. in the physical realm, my reason for living is to maintain equilibrium with my surroundings, that is to be as peaceful and helpful to the world as possible.
  15. My reason for living is because the God of all things, Jesus Christ, has given me life to serve Him. What more reason do I need?

  16. some weed:smoking:
  17. Sorry, but weed is the least of my concerns for living. If being high was the only thing in life I had to look forward to then just put a bullet between my eyes.
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    thats cool dude. i smoke weed because it makes my life better, not because i rely on it.

    also, isnt suicide a sin ;) ?
  19. Don't know. It doesn't matter either way. I don't have to stop sinning. I just have to believe on the salvation of God.

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