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What is your preffered 'Purple Strain'?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SalvationKush, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Hi there :wave:

    As you can see this is my first post on GC and therefore my forum cherry has just been popped! Although I am new here, I am certainly no stranger to the weed and I also consider myself pretty experienced in most aspects of the culture.

    I am however always looking to expand my knowledge and would love to hear everyones verdict on Purple strains.

    I plan on including one, maybe two, purple plants in my next grow. I have already done a little research myself, but I would love to hear peoples experience with growing/smoking/living life with Purple bud, because I have never been so lucky as to smoke any myself (the shame!).

    The question I am putting to all the seasoned tokers and jokers of the forum is this...

    What are your personal favourite 'Purple' strains at the moment and most crucially ...

  2. Grand Daddy Purps, because it's an OG strain and amazing, if you've smoked it you know what I mean.

    And I had some "No More Mr. Nice Guy" that was purple, and it was AMAZING. One of my favorite recent strains! :wave:
  3. Thanks jo3l37, much appreciated! I have tried a couple different OG strains over here and they usually hit the spot!

    The only problem for me is that GDP looks like a clone only strain.(I cant find her seeds anywhere yet).

    The search continues...
  4. Yeah grand daddy is pretty sweet
  5. purple diesel great mix of sour d and grand daddy purps
  6. ive only had purple erckle as far as purps go.....but i loved it.
  7. Grape-Ape is some potent shit to. The last I had kinda tasted like AK as well
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    2)Purple Urkle
    3)Grape Ape
    5)Cotton Candy
    6)Purple Kush

    GDP and Urkle top the list but GDP had to come first because of yield. Urkle is an amazing purple strain but low yielding, so it was crossed with Big Bud to increase yield and thus GDP was born. Both strains taste like grapes pulled from a skunks ass. Yummy :)

    Grape Ape was the first name strain I grew and even with noob handling, it still turned out really dank. But the problem is, a lot of the best purple strains are clone only.
  9. Oh, and I forgot to put Lavender on my list. The floral cut or the fruity cut are both great.
  10. Dunno if it's a purp strain, heard it was g-13 x hashplant hybrid but My favorite purple weed was some Mr. Nice Guy.

    ^^^Heard real good things about the Lavender strain
  11. grape ape is the best purple
  12. My face is Flo. It's from DJ Short and it's a mix of Highland Thai, Purple Thai, and Afghan. Nice purp buds with a floral smell with vanilla hints and a very spicy hash taste
  13. My brother used to grow Bubba kush and that shit was pretty purple
  14. Purple Mr. Nice is a rare find, so it'd be a good strain to throw in, that's if you can find the seeds easy. Oh, and Purple Sour Diesel.
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    Snagged a qtr of it once. Pretty ill shit
  16. Lemon Purp, an obvious mix of "Lemon Kush" and "Purple Kush" I didn't even need to a smoke a gram to get stoned
  17. #19 percul8r615, Aug 13, 2011
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    God I hope not. Less than a half g of my stash gets me lifted to the stars
  18. Thanks for the responses everyone!

    I've decided that I will go with Dutch Passions Shaman for the next grow. It seems to be more sativa dominant...and as i'm gonna be growing two Violator Kush alongside, I figure the Shaman will give it a nice balance!

    once again thanks for the help!


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