What is your preferred method of vaping?

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What is your preferred method of vaping?

  1. portable

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  2. bag

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  3. whip/hose

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    Looking into getting a new vape and want to see what people prefer more, portable, desktop with hose/whip, or with bag when used with flower/herbs. I understand a lot of desktops offer both bag and hose, but i want to know which of that is preferred.
  2. At home I prefer dab, but when I'm on the go, I always bring my 100w box mod and some wax. It's a pain to load each few hits, but a few hits is all I need anyways.
    Sometimes friends want to hit the vape too, but I think portable vapes (box mods with dripper atomizer) is a very useful item.
  3. Bong style. I like water cooling.
  4. Stem & bong man here! (log vapes)
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  5. It all depends on the situation. At home I like tabletop plug in vapes. Those are hard to beat. Even cheap EZ-Vape style ones with a digital thermometer work great. I use one of those occasionally, and I also use a Vapir No2, which is kind of the best of both worlds. You can plug it in, or it's got a battery and you can take it to go, although I wouldn't call it a portable vape due to it's weight and size. For on the go, I prefer a Pax. I've had a MFLB, and I've had the Dragonlite knock off, and found they both suck but the $20 Dragonlite works 100% better than the $100 MFLB.

    At the end of the day though, I prefer a bong rip.
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  6. Vaporbong hits with the Solo. I hardly use the desktop vape anymore. I set it to #4,and get massive bong hits.

  7. I had the Arizer Extreme Q for a few years before graduating to a Volcano. Personally, I prefer bag style vaporizers, but the Extreme Q offers both bag and whip for a great price.

    For portable vaporizers, I switched my MFLB for a Pax and I am very impressed with it. Overall in vapor quality, tabletop will always win over portables.

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  8. what happened to your "horny Leroy" avatar?
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  10. With as good as portable vaporizers are nowadays I don't really feel a desire to get a desktop one unless I were to drop the money for a volcano. My MFLB and Arizer Air work for now
  11. Why do you prefer the Dragon lite over the mflb? Can you explain the pros and cons of each?

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  12. I use a 100w eleaf with an Atlantis mega with thc e juice

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  13. Yep, that's the son of a bitch.
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  14. Well, the biggest pro/con is the dragon can be found for $20, the MFLB is 5x that price. They're both basically the same device, but I found I got better hits from the dragon and weaker ones from the MFLB. At the end of the day though, I don't like any vape that works with the press in AA battery. It's just a bit awkward and unnecessary in the 21st century.
  15. There is a pretty new vape by boundless called the CF or CFX. You can get it from puffitup for like $179.

    There is a dedicated CF CFX thread at Fuckcombustion under portable vapes.
  16. S&B Mighty Vape.
    3D printed stand (I have the file if someone wants it)
    Airizer Long Whip
    Some Random piece off DHGate for 20$

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