What is your phone?

Discussion in 'General' started by hoodtalker_1, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. I have a blackberry 8700g. Soon to be getting a curve, javelin or bold.

    I think blackberry is the most solid, simple and best working smartphone on the market. I had a iphone for about a week and it just didn't compete with the BB, especially for email. i have a 32gb ipod touch, and i like two separate devices. Better battery life, not as bad if you loose one, and plenty of space. Plus having 2 devices is so much cooler:D....kidding

    I love my 8700 and dont want to upgrade but i need 3G and just want something new...:hello::hello:

    What are ya'll rocking and explain why.
  2. iphone>any other phone/pda
  3. gota blackberry curve and the casio gzone as the work phone (its waterproof) ;)

    bb ftmfw!
  4. Sidekick LX baby.

    "Hit me on my sidekick// never answer when its private// damn i hate a shy chick"
  5. T-mobile Dash
  6. i've got a BlackBerry Curve 8330. Love this phone to itty bitty bits!
  7. piece of shit LG vx5400
  8. LG Dare. SO sick... I wanted an iPhone of course, but wasn't able to get it. But the dare was everything I wanted from the iPhone.
  9. just some cheap motarola go phone. works well, but no camera. and i can't get tetris :mad:
  10. blackberry, im fully satisfied with my current celly though i do like the iphone
  11. No Tetris?

  12. niiiiiice +rep for the lyrics. then she changed her name to my bitch. :p

    I have a sony ericsson w810i

    Soon to be curve or iphone. An iphone just seems too cliche to me but its a really good phone... so....
  13. I have the 3g iPhone. I liked the old one better. Who's with me?
  14. I got a Motorola Slvr. It's an okay phone, but there are a lot better.
  15. i got the instinct, its pretty cool.
  16. oh i forgot i customized the back of my phone. just started drawing, ya know? i wish i could show u guys it's pretty cool.
  17. blackberry FTW!

    how is helio as a service provider etc?

  18. Helio is just as good as any other provider, i think they are connected with sprint?

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