What is your philosophical position regarding Life and the Universe?

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  1. And why?

    Mine is existential nihilism + absurdism + agnostic atheism.

    In my case, I try to live my life according to the closest objective perception of reality and truth, so that I may have more choices in Life and make the best of them. I like to lead an honest life, with everyone around me, but most importantly, myself. I refuse to be chained by archaic dogmas that will only limit my creativity, curiousness and ultimately, deny my own human nature. I refuse to live a fantasy life, waiting 'till I die to meet my creator father, survive into an afterlife and be reunited with my loved ones, even though that sounds like the perfect reward and is so comforting. Who wouldn't love to believe in a protective god, immortality and eternal peace?

    I would for sure, but I believe, in the end, that Truth brings more happiness than a comforting fantasy, however lasting, because after all, its a delusion and before you know it, you might have wasted your life living according to false beliefs and laws.

    What's your position? Tell us, I'm curious :)


    p.s. I just made some hash... :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  2. To me, life is essentially an extension of the universal law. All life is a communication network between the universes marvelous creations; whether designed or simply evolved via curiosity/urge to change(evolve/flow).

    I see biology/cells as basically a language of nature to show itself what it has to offer itself.
  3. All in all it's all a mystery to me so I put my energy and effort into doing whatever brings me and others happiness and satisfaction. Believing this one life is all we have. The here and now is all we have, your holding yourself back if you live for tomorrow let alone an after life.
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    complete agnosticism, i really have no fucking idea what's going on.
  5. I believe we're all here just on a matter of coincidence; an extremely amazing and miraculous one at that, and therefore life should be cherished. Life is exquisite. Those wanting to end one has basically dehumanized a person, which is false and wrong.

    I'm really an agnostic, because there is always the possibility of each outcome, but I lean more towards science because it has more sensibility.
  6. Wow, great input guys. I find it weird that not enough people talk about this subject.

    As for what I believe, I think we are all connected in some way that our monkey brains can't quite grasp yet. I have always thought this but once I started smoking again in my 30's and had 3 kids, I really truly believe that one of our main purposes other then asking questions and figuring out how stuff works is to love and be loved by as many people as possible. That's as simple as I can put it. I can go into further detail but I think I would run out of room,lol.
  7. I believe that the world is full of things we cannot percieve and may never understand or even acknowledge them!

    I think aliens have visited earth and they might come back. I believe in complicated cosmic cycles which as a human race we may never be able to see a single cycle complete. I believe in different dimensions betweens physical worlds, emotional worlds, ect. I believe we are currently experiencing life in a physical dimension which is why the world is so messed up and is the reason why someone would rather have a 70 million dollar painting on their wall rather than feeding 1000's of starving children :(.
  8. I'm a swaying wanderer. I don't know what reality or life is for that matter, and surely even a thousand and one fold experiences of monks couldn't provide me with a satisfactory answer either. What I suggest is that anything that I come to understand, anything I claim to know, is fleeting at best, and falliable to the core. There are nights where I will fall asleep and think to myself that the entire day I just had was a dream. Then there are mornings where I arise from my bed, fresh from a dream. But that does not stop my wandering by any means. My being is matter and I can trace my origin, to the extent of my physicality, to the stars. They are a reminder of my grounding in humanity, but also of how within each human being is a resonating to the universe, and in that same flow of blood, the universe resonating in return.
  9. we are part of it all and all of it is a part of us
  10. Subjective idealism
  11. Compatibilism and Deism
  12. I also lean towards compatibilism. Best of both worlds. :)


    You guys ever think that your beliefs are or can be counterproductive?

    I'll keep it short and personal. Sometimes when I think about it, I get upset that I can't find any objective answer to reality and Life. Or when I feel the emptiness of nihilism, or the paradox of the absurd. But then again, this big mystery is very seductive. :smoke:

    And this is best represented whenever I gaze up at the night sky, this beautiful and overwhelming dark azure ocean, with its distant stars and distant planets; past that, all I see is this infinite abyss and I know, that the abyss is looking back.

    p.s. keep it coming guys, very interesting output.:hello:
  13. If your beliefs effect your life negatively then yes. Like radical religion people who believe so heavily in an after life that they waste this one or are willing to die because of their beliefs.

    And yeah no doubt infinite abyss is a very overwhelming surreal thing to think about. The simple fact that we are aware of how insignificant we are in this whole thing is pretty haunting to me as well, I know I know we may be all "special" and meaningful as anything.. it's just really hard when I see a city of children being blown up like nothing, or other examples of life just being torn apart as if its completely meaningless.
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    Word. I wouldn't say we have free will, due to everything being determined by causality, but we defiantly have free choice over many decisions in our life.

    Then I dig deism because I reject organized religion, dogma, and supernatural events. Also I like how it is more of an observe and exist type deal.
  15. A deterministic panentheist... Live and Let Live.
  16. I believe that god is the love frequency that manifest a super fusion light that creates the universe then our galaxy then our sun then planets and everything down to a speck of dust. This super fusion ball of light that makes up the human consciousness exist in a different dimension made up of super evolved beings (angels), in this dimension love can only exist because the frequency that it puts out is what makes up everything there. when are conscious is truly fed by high vibrations of love and and happiness we go to this place, i beleive if our conciousness is truly fed by low vibrations of fear and tourment we go to that place.
  17. I do believe also that Jesus is a truly evolved being that was sent down to us from there to show us the conduit to this dimension.
  18. This. I'm pretty agnostic as well but I like to believe this wasn't an accident and we're here for a reason. That reason is to learn from this life before we move on to the next.

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