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What is your opinion?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 00SpaCeyCaSey00, Sep 15, 2012.

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    Hello to all you seasoned tokers out there! :wave:

    I am having a moral dilemma right now, and I would like to know what your opinions are with my situation. Seeing as I'm sure most of you do have jobs/careers where you have had to take certain pre-employment tests, you have likely been in my situation. This is not another thread where I am asking how do I pass or anything like that. I have my plan in place, I have researched, read the threads on here, asked other people I know how they did it, put theory into practice, and I know just what to do. :cool:

    But, I'm just feeling shitty and nervous right now because I have never had to cheat on such test before. I have been able to pass every time before because I was actively seeking employment and knew tests were imminent, therefore I was crystal clear. This time, however, a great job opportunity was offered to me, one where the workplace is much friendlier, has better standards, and will add badly needed hours to my paycheck. But, of course, since present job doesn't test after the first one, I have been smoking almost everyday. I have NO time to clear out....:( I had the interview last week, and the friend who recommended me (who has no idea I smoke!!) told me I did great and expect a call Monday. She also told me they are looking to start two new workers next week after the pre-employment tests come back, which only takes a day because they dip right there with a simple stick. I already know this because most employees of my type go to the same place for testing, and I have gone there a couple times before.

    Oh, and in my line of work, smoking pot is severely looked down upon. Like, if most of you were asked on a survey, "Would you approve of a person who smokes weed doing_________ for a living and serve you in your community?" Most of you would say no. I know this, but I choose smoking marijuana over drinking or taking anti-anxiety drugs, and I never, ever go to work high. I love what I do and the people I serve in my community, but I also love MJ and think the current laws are unfair and riduculous, as most of you do. But, I am in a position where many people look to me as an example, and seek the advice of myself and others in my field. But, I am responsible, low-key, and there are a lot more people than you may think who also enjoy MJ. Like me, they too have to hide and dodge to keep doing two things they love,. but no one ever admits to it and no one asks.

    In the opinion of many, I am a criminal, but what do you all think????? I am looking for encouragement from my peers, but even if you think I am wrong for doing this, I want to know too. Thanks everyone for your time!!:love:

  2. You're only a criminal on a technicality. What state are you from?

    You're right, most people with higher up jobs do smoke. I personally know a fair number of people that either had to stop or beat the drug test. Doesn't make them bad people. And you said you never go to work high, I don't see the problem. Even if you did (unless you're a brain surgeon or something) thousands of people are high on the job and I don't rate them any lower than a sober person as long as they can perform their duties.

    Good luck with the test and the job man!
  3. "Not only is civil disobedience justified in the face of unjust laws, but one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws."

  4. Thanks for your response! I live in Ohio, so nothing even remotely close to legal yet.
    I agree with you, I don't care much either what people do as long as they can perform their job. In my younger days when I worked at a well known fast food joint, it was a daily ritual to smoke some blunts with my roomies before heading out, and then smoke up with my crew (including the manager) out by the dumpster after it got dark. Ahhh, those were the days! :smoke:

    But, I needed to make more money, and I moved on to a different type of job. Being stoned while doing what I'm doing now is not only incredibly irresponsible, but inefficient. I use my mind and body at all times, and I am in a super high stress work environment most days, so I wouldn't get to enjoy my buzz anyway. :rolleyes:

    And, I did get hired!! :hello: Just have to get the testing done, and I will undergo my orientation next week. Wish me luck on that!! Will let you know how it goes :D

  5. Very well said, my friend :D Thanks for the encouragement!!
  6. your not a criminal bro, the Feds are criminals

  7. Thanks for your opinion! I agree, a lot of them are more criminal than I could ever hope to be. Not talking about police officers, although a lot of them can be pretty criminal. I know of one LEO who never smoked weed in his life, and feels totally superior to the "dopeheads" and "druggies" he knows or has arrested. But dude gets shitfaced wasted on liquor every minute he is not on the job, and has driven home drunk way more than once or twice. Every cop in the town he lives in and works with knows he does this, and they support his dangerous behavior by doing nothing. Seriously, it's just a matter of time before this asshole kills someone! Yeah, but I can't smoke a bowl, and if I do, I can't legally obtain reliable employment the way he can. :mad::mad::mad:

    Not all LEOs are like this douche, though and some of them think the current laws are ridiculous too. And even if they don't, some are just genuinely good people who just want to be of good service in their community like I do. People in my field and those in law enforcement look out for each other and have a ton of mutual respect for the work we do everyday. One time, I got pulled over for going 15 miles over the speed limit because I was hauling ass to get to work on time, but the LEO who pulled me over seen my uniform and let me go with a warning! :D

    Love your opinions, blades, keep 'em coming!!

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