What is your opinion on taking a break?

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  1. Breaks from relationships. What do you think of them? Do they help? Are they normal? Are they stupid? Pointless? Do they help heal or are they just a form of denial from the inevitability of a break up?
  2. A break is the perfect chance to meet new girls and never look back.
  3. If they say they want a break it usually means you done fucked up, or she wants to be a whore and cheat but it aint considered cheating cause ur on break and if you hook back up dont eat that pussy for atleast a few months ;)
  4. this kis is on par! Its just so she dosnt have to say shes ever cheated on anyone.. well cause yall were on the famous words BREAK! haha thats some scary shit dude
  5. Wow, so far lots of negative things lol. Well I'm not gonna say that I disagree with anyone, but to me taking a break gives you a chance to sort of see things clearly; to find out whether or not you truly appreciate the relationship if it were to disappear; to just clear your head really. It's a chance for self reflection, on all that you have done, and what you can do to make things better. Does anyone out there agree with me at all? lol
  6. HAHAHAH quit living in a fantasy land.. You are in denial.
  7. A break is just putting off the inevitable.

    It may not always work out that way, but I'll bet 9/10 times it does.
  8. This. Haha. :devious:
  9. breaks are good if, you dont see or speak to each other, and if your not fuckin other ppl. cuz if you are fuckin other ppl than the "break" just became a lame excuse for cheating. you cant really do alot of reflecting, or seeing clearly while riding some other dude.
  10. It depends a lot on the reason for the break. If your relationship seems fine and one suggests it.. trouble. If your relationship is negative and you're fighting a lot or whatever.. a break can be very helpful.. especially if you're in a serious relationship.. and best if you've been in a long relationship.

    Sometimes as time goes on.. relationships start to fail.. and it can be because we forget to value the opposite person as much as we did in the beginning, we don't try as hard as in the beginning.. etc. A break can renew those start-of-a-new-relationship feelings, and that can be very helpful.
  11. In my experience, breaks mean probation. Either the relationship will be over by the end of the break, or shortly thereafter. It's just a sign of incompatibility and bad things to come.

    However, there are those rare occasions in which couples have epiphanies where they realize the worth of the other person and all of the wonderful things they feel for them... but don't count on it. It's rare for a reason.

  12. close thread!!! My thoughts exactly. If my girlfriend comes at me about taking a break, it's gonna be a break-up because I'll just think she wants to be with someone else. I think breaks are pointless.
  13. Haha....ok has anyone in this forum ever even taken a break from any relationship? Cuz it sounds to me like all those who have have negative consequences.
  14. Yes, I have. The first time it was with an ex-girlfriend of mine... this mind-numbingly amazing Russian chick I adored completely. But I was always the one making the efforts, the calls, asking when she was free... so I confronted her. She told me I was too needy and wanted a break for a few weeks and that she would call me when she was ready to resume our relationship.. she never called.

    I was also in a long distance relationship with an older guy in England... we saw each other every two months or so. I was getting tired of his attitude, asked for a break so we could screw our heads back on straight, and he found someone else.

    I don't know if they can be considered "breaks" but my boyfriend has dumped me on numerous occasions, and we keep getting back together, stronger than ever each time... but we have been together for going on 2 years now, so sometimes we need a reality check for us to realize how much we genuinely mean to each other.

    In conclusion you have to be extremely, extremely close to somebody to be able to get over breaks and rifts in a relationship.
  15. If you're going to take a break, take a break from people around you. Smoke a joint/blunt, toke a bowl, vape a bud and just reflect on YOU. What do you want and need, not just from the other person but from yourself? Taking a break can be awesome if you do it right. But, just sitting down wallowing in your own shit is how it becomes negative. Make it constructive and it'll be worth the time. Take a glass blowing class or something.
  16. I'm not sure, but I think that I've made my opinion on 'breaks' clear here. If not, here's a recap. WORTHLESS. If you feel that you need a break, just break up. There is no reason to keep some imaginary chain between the two of you. It's obviously not working, so move on rather than prolong the awkward/pain of it.

    There has only been one time that a girl told me that she wanted to take a break. I told her that I'd see her around and never spoke to her again.

    Also, I find that breaks are commonly used by women to fuck with men. I'm sure that isn't the case with your scenario, but I do see it.
  17. I wanna punch you. Smack the shit out of you till you get it.


    And yes ive been on one. Wish someone would have told me what the fuck it was back then..
  18. Contrary to what everyone else is saying, I don't think a break necessarily means someone just wants to cheat without actually cheating. Breaks aren't always negative, If you're one of those couples that are connected at the hip, sometimes you need to spend a little bit of time away from someone so that you can begin to appreciate them again.

    But I personally don't bother with breaks, I've got a short attention span so if I want a break it just means i'm done with the relationship and ready to move on. I also don't take well with guys telling me they want a break, like i'm supposed to sit around and wait for them to sort themselves out. But that's just me :p.

    yeah, she's right.
  19. When a guy calls a break in a relationship = Just the softer, more gentle way of breaking up with the girl.

    When a girl calls a break in a relationship = Shes found a bigger dick, done deal.

  20. that's Hitting the nail on the head. :laughing:

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