What Is Your Most Hated Sports Teams?

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by foamcups, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. NHL: Ottawa Senators
    NFL: Patriots aka The Cheatriots
    NBA: Boston Celtics
    Soccer: Mexico

    Reasoning behind these Sabres Fan, Bills Fan, and Lakers Fan, and of course team USA fan.
  2. hate to be a hater but i hate the lakers
  3. Dallas Cowboys.
  4. Hating a team is equal to complimenting them.

    So thanks OP.
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    Burn real madrid BUUURNNNN

    Visca el Barca

  6. Duck Fuke
  7. NFL - Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers
    NBA - Boston Celtics
    NHL - Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, ANAHEIM DUCKS
    MLB - New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox

    College - Notre Dame, USC


    NFL - No real reason other than I just hate the Niners and Broncos.

    NBA - Laker Fan

    MLB - Angels Fan

    NHL - KINGS Fan

    College - UCLA Alumni
  8. MLB: Giants, Phillies, Padres (Dodgers fan)
    NHL: Black hawks, Ducks, Avs, Flyers (Red Wings)
    NFL: Broncos, Raiders, Steelers (Chiefs)
  9. I'm a Laker Hater, I hate hate hate hate hate Kobe. (Suns/Celtics Fan)
  10. MLB: Red Sox, Mets
    NFL: Cowboys, Eagles, Redskins, Jets
    NBA: Celtics
    NHL: Don't really pay much attention to it to be honest

    Obviously i'm a Yankees, Giants, Knicks fan...as for hockey i root for the Rangers but i honestly don't pay much attention to hockey i just check to see if the rangers made the playoffs at the end of the year to see if the playoffs are worth watching haha.
  11. The Ohio State University. I hate other teams, but nothing comes close to this school. I go out of my way to give a "Go Blue" to every bucknut I see.
  12. If I actually watched Baseball, I would hate the Yankees on general principle. It's an unreasonable sentiment, but I can live with it.

    And my most despised NFL Team is, without a doubt, the Packers; this just comes from a couple decades of indoctrination. Nothing more.
  13. Football: Colts & Steelers
    Basketball: Celtics & Spurs
    Baseball: Red Sox
  14. Oh and i forgot about college football i hate the gators with a passion and i also hate notre dame
  15. Man I just came on this thread and bam I see my favorite team getting shot down 3 times already ahhhhhhhhhhhh celtics till I die larry bird and rajon rondo :D


    NBA: Cleveland Ohio

    NFL: New England Patriots
  16. NHL: Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Sens, Philly Flyers, Pits Penguins

    And Thats pretty much all I watch now....
  17. My Most hated Sports team is India.
    I hate India Cricket team.
  18. I hate alot of teams, but the top 3 go as followed.

    I hate the Cowboys.

    I hate the Penguins.

    I hate the Mets.
  19. Any team that beats my favorite team in the playoffs/championship will be hated until next season, otherwise IDC.
  20. NBA: Boston, the Heat now that Jabron Lames is there
    NFL: Patriots
    MLB: Philly, Yanks, Cards

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