What is your Mom/Dad/Brother/Sister/Pet doing right now?

Discussion in 'General' started by JRilla, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. Howdy all. So, im sitting here stoned, smoking a bowl, eating some doritos and listening to some Pink Floyd.

    So, I got an idea to make this freindly community topic!

    So, what are they up to?

    Mom and Dad, sleeping.

    Brother, Jersey Shore with some freinds.

    Dog, sleeping with the folks.

  2. Mom and Dad, sleeping

    Dog, sleeping

    Me, wide awake trying to figure out butterfly effect, which by the way, lives up to its hype as being a fucked up movie.

    yea.... everyones sleeping here
  3. Damn dude. I wanna see that movie so damn bad. My bro said it was fucking awesome.

    Think it would be way to fuicked up blazed? Cause im thinking of ordering it on PPV if its on their. But i am high.
  4. dad ..sleepin
    bro ..watching tv
    me. ..computer... ;)
  5. rents: sleeping
    bro: sleeping in parents bed because he watched predator (hes 11)
    me: wish i could smoke, but cant so im here talking to high ppl
  6. Right now im right here, completely sober, listening to metallica.

    My dad is doing some housework i think.

    My sister is wathcing tv and eating, was moaning at me to get off the computer.

    My mum is at work still.

    And My cat is probably lazing around somewhere like she always is.
  7. I'm about to get lit soon, my parents are both at work, and my brother is sleeping upstairs. My dog is sleeping too somewhere in the house. :D
  8. Mum and Dad: both out at work

    Sister: on her computer talking to about 7000 people on msn

    Me: just got in from work rolling my second spliff of the day..
  9. my mom is sleeping because she doesnt like the vicodin the dentist made her take
    my dad is working
    my brother is sitting on his computer
    my 2 birds are in their cage
    my dog is sleeping
    my fish are swimming arround
    and im about to play alien vs preditor 2
  10. dog- idk where he is
    mom and pops- workin
    bro- i duno where he is either
    turtle- eating food
    me-bein bored in the city

  11. Yea, but it's only fucked up b/c no one would ever light dynamite in a basement they're in. And tackled babies don't fend so well either. It was still a good movie though, I liked it.

  12. What the fuck
  13. my fish are chasing eachother like always! lol

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