What is your major?

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  1. To all those blades out there who are in university, what major did you pick and why?
  2. International Business.
  3. Accounting.. always in demand
  4. Music. I know it may take me nowhere but I really enjoy it.
  5. I'm studying Hotel Administration. Concentrating in marketing and tourism though, hopefully I will get a job at a corporate HQ for a major hotel company. I am much more into business, I don't ever want to actually work in a hotel.
  6. I'm not in college yet, but fuck it, I'll answer anyways.

    Next year I'm going to major in Accounting. My reasons are simple: the pay is good, I'm good at it, I love anything business related, and people will always need accountants.

  7. Yea, I'm taking a financial accounting course right now and a finance course next semester. A lot of the concepts of accounting are simple enough, but there is just so many things to memorize haha. If you like it, though, you can definitely make bank and find work in pretty much any major city, which is dope.
  8. Gen. Business (minor in music)

    Tried to pick the most vague major possible. minoring in music for personal gain
  9. Started Penn State in the Business School.

    Went to their Comm school and I am majoring in their Advertising option.

    But I really don't know what the fuck I want to do.

    I want to move away and grow weed and sell it to people. :hello:

    But don't we all.
  10. I was microbiology and got done with my junior year.

    I am contemplating switching to engineering though and taking 3 semesters instead of 2 to graduate.

    I picked it because I am passionate about biology; I love the ecosystems that exist below our field of vision it is captivating to me.
  11. finance major
    psych minor

    i picked my major, because it has to deal with a lot of math and money keeps the world moving,
    minor because i find people interesting and the way we behave

  12. Probably what I'm going to do next year. How do you like it? What jobs can you get with it a degree in Int. Buss. ? I find it interesting because I would probably be travelling a lot which I love to do, plus Ima try to learn Mandarin Chinese in college which would be very beneficial!
  13. Engineering, for the money.

    Probably soon to be arts major, I just failed my thermodynamics exam :(
  14. Biochemistry.. gonna do 2 years of pre reqs then 3 years of pharmacy school :)
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    yeah I started off as mechanical engineering, realistically I don't have the grades for it (it's one of the top 5 fields at my school, need a 3.5+ to get in)

    so then I changed to math cause I really like math (people with math degrees have one of the lowest levels of unemployment) and now double majoring in math and ESS (earth and space sciences) cause I really like that stuff too. Plus I already have a job with the state parks lined up for when I get out of school, which is kinda nice

    at my school at least, you don't just get an engineering degree 'for the money'. you gotta want it really bad and if not, it's just gonna leave you with a shitty GPA and lowered self worth haha
  16. You make good money, but you're prone to layoffs. At least that's what I see living in the Bay Area.


    I'm a senior psych major; graduating next year.
    And I've finally made up my mind and decided: I'm going for my doctorate. At this point, I'm determined more then ever. Ain't nothing gonna break my stride. Nobody's gonna slow me down. Oh no. I got to keep on movin. :smoking:
  17. I've dabbled in merchandise marketing, psychology and culinary arts but nothing stuck.
  18. Business adminstration with a concentration in accounting. Reason: I have always had a knack for handling and managing paper.
  19. I was a comm major with a journalism focus, transferred schools and became a journalism major.

    Now im a drop out lol Going to community college next year till i figure out exactly what i want to do. probably get a business admin or management degree while im there.
  20. Working on my Pol-Sci degree. Hope to continue into law.

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