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What is your level of cleanliness?

Discussion in 'General' started by Boosh, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Now dont lie. Not like anyone can see what you voted anyways.

    On a scale of 1-10
    1 being as nasty of living conditions as possible
    10 being the best.

    What do you rate yourself?
  2. 9. I'm extremely, extremely clean. I didn't pick 10 because I don't think I'm obsessive about it, I just like to keep a clean place. Everything is a lot more simple when the place is clean
  3. I'm a very clean chick. Not crazy clean, everything MUST be in it's place type, but definately not dirty at all, so I picked 8.

    I won't lie, I've been down to the 5's before, my ex was disgusting so he brought down my points a lot. I don't wanna go back , it was scary
  4. Hah I gave myself a 5. I keep my body clean, but my surroundings are just meh. No rotting food or anything really nasty. I just keep everything in clutter and disarray.
  5. I am extreme clean. I can't stand stuff laying around, out of place, dusty, not folded, etc...My BFF Julie always used to say I was OCD.

    Strange thing is I am not as bad about my cars. I don't throw garbage on the floor or anything, but I don't clean it every other day like a lot of people I know....
  6. 6, cause both me and my girlfriend are lazy as fuck. But, you know, we get it out of the house before it starts to move and think independently :D

    In all seriousness, looking around, it's a bit chaotic, but there's nothing that would make you draw back and go "ehwwwwwwwwww". Nothing smelly, just a shit load of empty baggys flying around on my desk.
  7. 9. I have a 17 year old Talon that looks better then brand new. It is that clean all the time. I expect nothing less of me or my room. -
  8. 10 no lies.
  9. I voted 9.

    I clean a lot, and like things nice & tidy. Just yesterday I spent probably 4 hours cleaning house...

    But, I'm not obsessive, so I didn't feel justified choosing 10.
  10. Between a 3 and a 9 depending on when and where.

    I can be a dirty girl when I want to be :p
  11. I'm pretty obsessive. I voted for 10 because I definitely like my shit clean.

    The thought of little things growing and living on everything I touch freaks me out, the fact that I can lower the level of nasty growing helps a little.:p
  12. Germs and bacteria are good for us!
  13. Oh, i thought this was personal hygiene?
  14. I'm pretty clean
  15. I'd say about a 4. I keep myself relatively clean but only really clean my surroundings up when it becomes too much of a hassle for me. I'm pretty much the complete opposite of the people who carry around portable bottles of hand sanitizer, I don't give a fuck about germs and bacteria... maybe that's why my immune system is like a T-800.
  16. Same, I'd geniunely been sick probably twice my entire life. Vitamen C FOREVER.

    7/8, I'm relatively clean but I pretty much keep it on the d-low.
  17. i'm a 7 or 8.
    no shit growing, no strange smells. but i'm definitely not organized. i basically look for an empty space on my dresser and set whatever there.
    and me personally? i love my showers. an hour long, lots of bubbles, really hot water. twice a day? sure! i'd give myself a 10.
  18. depends on the day
  19. Me? I'd be a six or seven; I tend to collect clutter but I don't stand for real nastiness like garbage, etc. My wife is a 9. Between the two it works out ok.
  20. I'd probably say a 9, thanks in part to my mom. My surroundings are extremely clean and everything's orderly.

    As far as personal hygiene goes, I give myself a 10, I shower everyday, brush my teeth 4 times a day and I make sure my hair doesn't get too messed up.

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