what is your least favorite letter? (A-Z)

Discussion in 'General' started by HighHaze, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. mine would probably be "A" because it stands for "angstrom" ;).

    nah foreal tho, probably "H" because it is so harsh sounding.
  2. H, but I don't really know why.
  3. haha i didnt even realize that my name has 2 H's.
  4. i have no problem with upper case J's but i HATE lower case j's

  5. Actually... It has 3!!!!
  6. ^lol.

    actually i thought about saying H as well. not really sure why.
  7. Q what the fuck does that bring to the table.
  8. It brings U to the table. lol
  9. QUail?


  10. Queers? Qualudes? My least favorite letter is the ones that tell me I owe money
  11. im an idiot for not knowing how many H's is in my username.

    yea H is whack, except how i used it in my name :smoke:
    Q is rarely used but it is a very elegant letter. the pronounciation of it is sexy. it is the same as a K of course, but the way it looks just makes it more elegant.
  12. they are all good in my book
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    Q. Q is quaintly qualified quickly becoming quietly quantitative ...I forget

    Quantum is what makes q tolerable ;)
  14. the letter U can go to hell.
  15. im gunna have to go with gunna have to go with lower case q. probably because im dyslexic and there have been plenty of times where i spent a good minute trying to figure out if i wrote "Q" or "P"
  16. Fuck 'em all...I don't discriminate.:cool:
  17. K

    The only letter i hate writing, it just fucks up my handwriting.

    Also upper case Y

    Just, damn.

    Lower case g though is my shit. Loop that shit around, awwww yeahh.
  18. "t" as a variable fucking things start looking like + ..and z's magically make 2's appear

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