What is YOUR job?

Discussion in 'General' started by MIC420, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Yes this is marijuana related...I'm curious what you fellow stoners do for work. I'm not referring to the kids here i'm talking about people with actual jobs. Not a side job while they go to school. Thanks.
  2. im still in school and wanna become a computer programmer or something in the industry but my friends neighbor is a lobyist for some company or something in DC and ive smoked with him out of his homemade hookah. also many of my friends dads who toke are truck drivers (atleast 3).
  3. I want to become a lawyer...i just dont know about the whole pot smoking lawyer thing...
  4. college and to pay for that and my pot i sell cars at a lexus/acura dealership.
  5. I know there's another thread about this somewhere....
    I do hair, though. I'm a cosmetologist, also freelancing make-up artist.
  6. I'm a student, studying mass communications and journalism. But I'm a bartender on the weekends to pay for my hobbies.
  7. Professional Slacker:)
  8. work at a machine shop
  9. will be a pharmacist..
    hell yeah

  10. Glad to know I'm not the only getting attacked by hot chips. I'm an apprentice still though.
  11. starbucks lol
  12. Going to school for Culinary Arts.
  13. Nothing at the moment. Taking pipeworking classes starting in september.
  14. school, studying to be a biotechnician
  15. Nurse Assistant in a long term care center...going to school to be a nurse...smoke everyday
  16. Anyone going to school for Botany?
  17. Geotechnical engineering day job.

    I own my own freelance photography business also.

    Smoke every day.
  18. Professional baller, true story.
  19. i'm in school for business management/finance. I plan on owning a web based company or co-owning a proprietorship.
    at the moment I work at ACO hardware, I like it because it teaches me a lot of hardware knowledge that I know will come handy when i move out. I can pretty much fix any sink or leaky toilet.
    yeah. sup.
  20. I'm a host at Bertucci's and ALL the waiters smoke pot, its awesome lol

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