What is Your Internet Connection Speed?

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, May 3, 2002.


What's Your Internet Connection Speed?

  1. 14.4 K Modem

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  2. 33.3 K Modem

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  3. 56 K Modem

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  4. ISDN

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  5. Cable Modem

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  7. T1/T3

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  1. Are we all on the digital super higway or is this an old brick road?

    What is your connection speed?
  2. 56k and is kinda slow loading. Wish i could get a dsl but they don't have it in my area.
  3. 56k and slow here too. We must live on the same ole' cobblestone hwy. Bud Head!! Lol :wave: :smoking:
  4. Im on cable here...id go insane without it
  5. 56k but using new(buried cable) lines to switcher,,,often connect at between 50666 and 53333,,with line speeds usually from 4.5 to 6.7,,so it's unbelievably quick page loading / downloading..

  6. dsl.. and i dont know what id do without it
  7. ADSL, thanks to my bro.
  8. DSL baby! Wooot!
  9. uk cable baby!!!
  10. its really the way the net should be
  11. 56k...i get a good 5-6k bandwith and u cant beat the price....free
  12. DSL! just upgraded from 56K and it's like HEAVEN baby!
  13. My modem's a 56K but my area's shit- NEED ASDL!!!
  14. 24-26k its not how fast i talk, its what i say, when i do that counts! ,
  15. I have cable...

  16. I have cable and my hard drive has suffered because of it. 30 GB hard drive and i only got like 600 MB left.
  17. cable is the only way to go
  18. Im cookin on an ADSL line 1.5mbs total throughput its truly the way the internet should be. If any of you need help tweakin your sys. just msg me Im pretty good @ tweakin 9x and ME machines for broadband put it this way I installed a fresh copy of 98se and did a speed test 768kbs download and like 145kbs upload I did a cple tweaks and changed my speed to 1254kbs download and 220kbs up so if you want some help or just a peice of advice msg me if you have XP (like I do now your pretty much already there).

  19. I got a big grey cable coming out of the wall and it doesn't move at all, stays completly still at all times.
  20. unless they dont got it where you live ! than any waqy is better than nothing ! lol

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