What is your income level?

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  1. I work in a Union manufacturing plant. Base is about $56k/year, and I already have about $10k in overtime pay on top of that. Easy work, low stress, but the conditions are rough. Dirty and very hot.
    My wife is an executive so her salary blows mine away.
    We do well, but it wasn't always the case. We made $35k/year combined when we first got married.
  2. Was making $15.51 an hour then I quit. I was starting to lose it working 10 hour days daydreaming the days away. (Very monotonous work)

    I'd like to maybe start my own business someday but I don't have any fresh ideas.
  3. I make €10 an hour working in sport stadium bar to pay for college.
    (edit; I'm 19 :D)
  4. 26 years old.
    A lot of money.

    Pic related.

  5. I said I made 105+, but I was lying. Sorry for screwing up your poll, it was an impulsive click.
  6. My math says 32,000 but I failed math.
  7. Parents 150k actually just my dad really
    Me 20k but I'm still a senior in highschool. And yes I am 18.

    My sister makes 50 and her husband makes about 65 during his residency at a hospital. But in about a year, when he is a real doctor he will be making 250-300 k
  8. I live with my parents no job but my dad makes 2-6 hundred k a year he owns a very successful bankruptcy law firm
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