What is your income level?

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  1. I was just wondering how much money people on grasscity make a year, so I can steal your credit card number MUAHAHA![​IMG] I'm just kidding, but yeah, what's your income level, and if you live with your parent and don't got a job, you can put their income, if you like.[​IMG]
  2. Oh, okay. There it goes ^_^
  3. depends, i'm not employed i do odd jobs here and there.

  4. Go on.....
  5. ya thats about it.

    i dont have a snappy comeback or some weird story for everything, man. geez.
  6. I make 7.35 an hour working at the campus book store
  7. I'm a bartender and would say 35k is a fair bet.
  8. there you go...
  9. Current occupation: landscaping/hustling. Making enough to smoke everyday. :hello:

    But when my dad dies I will be a rich mother fucker.
  10. I currently make about $9.50 an hour with tips, give or take $2 depending on the day.

    Next summer I should be working at a internship I have lined up making $13/hour and working 40+ hours a week.

    Once I get my degree though, who knows. I don't need much to live happily, but it would be nice to have a large income.

    Edit: I do have a pretty decent amount in the bank though, thanks to past jobs and saving.

  11. What ever you do, don't murder you dad for his money!:eek::laughing: People have done that before and ended up not getting the money at all, which is lol on their part because they go to prison, but sad at the same time because the father is still dead :(, but yeah, don't kill him:laughing:
  12. While i make <30k a year i live like a king. parents house 3 years out of college ftw.
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    same bro but im in the guest house with my gf. no rent, my parents insist on it(i buy all my own food,toiletries,own cable n internet bill..etc). but with both my gf and i makin $18hr plus overtime pay we live like royalty lol. she drives a loaded 09 chrysler 300 n i push the nice ass explorer. of course this living arrangement is only temporary as we are saving a lot of money for a fat downpayment on a house.

    life is good right now. my gf and i both work at the same place and it just shutdown for 6 weeks to re-tool the machines for the new product. chiiiiiilll time
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  14. wow not to be hypocritical, because i work a shitty job and make 16k a year. i really thought people made a lot more on here, due to the fact that everyone talks about having bud everyday, nice cars, and shit...idk maybe just me
  15. this shit is mostly teens and 20s. weed, nice cars and other shit is a high priority to many people that young lol

  16. also, its the internet. people lie on it all day long
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    I make 40k a year doin special to order manufacturing of pool heat pumps
    Im 22
  18. I'm 21 and make $13.25 an hour. Within the next year or so I'll be making $20 an hour. Plus I have businesses I want to start on the side so I'll probably be making even more. I want to be a millionaire though, I still have a long way to go.
  19. Last year I made ~$29k with the combination of 3 jobs.
  20. 40-60k depending on how much a travel..i tattoo to get to my next destination, only to never settle down..

    ive been to brazil and some european countries to tattoo and just keep on a movin

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