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What is your high like? :)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by padams868, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. With a nice blend I feel like my mind is being squeezed. Litteraly. Like my head is fill with like...a relaxing pressure,
    Almost like being underwater without pressurizing my ears.
    & if I stay still my body feels nothingness. I can type tenfold faster,
    and not feel my fingers moving and in my eyes they are a blur with no visible
    grammar mistakes. And when I'm longboarding my legs have NEVER felt tired
    Even while pushing up humongous hills. And I kind of stumble around. I also wear headphones and love to turn on some marley, alternative, or binural beats. With the bi beats if I'm going down a hill I litteraly trip. Like my eyes close but I feel like I can feel the road. That's eyes closed on a potholed road going 20-30 mph. In all honesty. The herb is amazing. Also , on topic of the munchies. I never feel them, but there's just some force pulling me twords that fridge... :3
  2. I feel like a slice of butter melting on a big ole pile of flapjacks
  3. I get like the energy flowing thru my body like up the chest, heart beat rises and I feel calm and happy and some time my vision gets like a little different but its a cool different.
  4. it depends on what i smoke , how im feeling, tge day of the week,how i smoke the weed, lol i get too many different highs. too many to explain
  5. Duuude, when I started beginning smoking, I felt like a cartoon and shit.
    But now, Idk, Im just stoned and I feel good, and I sometimes can trip out to music.
  6. If I'm just chilling, then I tend to super-analyze miniscule details of whatever I'm paying attention to, and forget everything else - half the time why I'm even paying attention to what it is that I'm paying attention to :laughing:

    If I'm exercising, I get so into it, love feeling the burn, and it pushes me to go harder and longer. :)ey:)

    If I'm around people, I like to analyze what people are saying from a psychological standpoint.

    If I'm in nature, I become one with it.
  7. I feel like I'm in a movie

    sometimes I feel like I'm shaking alot haha it's weird...and the smallest things I do feel like a huge mission to complete
  8. When I'm listening to music I feel like I'm in a music video hahaha
  9. I am soooo a light weight when smoking dro. If I'm alone I always think too much and a lot of the time I think that I'm just the weirdest person ever and everyone else is perfectly normal. When I'm with friends we usually joke on each other because it is the most hilarious thing ever and we just laugh non-stop. My appearance when im really high is soo messed up, my face literally looks like its melting off. A lot of the time I'll be describing something very specific to a friend and forget why I was even talking about whatever I was describing. I never think of the past or future when i'm high, its just like all there is, is present. I'm usually the highest out of all my friends i smoke with lol

  10. This. I agree with this soo much. I will like pay attention to everything the way people talk, what they say and when they say it. It's all so clear, it kinda makes me feel like im in a play or movie.
  11. The top an bottom of my sight become blurry, and the middle of my vision is clear . Everythings slow .
  12. [quote name='"EastCoastSwag"']I get like the energy flowing thru my body like up the chest, heart beat rises and I feel calm and happy and some time my vision gets like a little different but its a cool different.[/quote]

    I gotta agree with you on the vision looking different but cool :smoke: buds usually make me much more relaxed, motivated to do some things, i get the munchies like a mad man lol i feel content. Thats basically what being high is like for me :smoke:
  13. hahahahaha! this made me laugh out loud man. Pineapple Express was an instant classic.

    but yeah like OP said sometimes i kinda get that squeezing feeling on my head, sorta near my cheeks and forehead. also my cheeks also feel like they're being stretched back.

    i feel like my hearing gets way more sensitive once i'm high. in fact, pretty much all my senses are heightened, just depends on which one i'm focusing on.

    sometimes i get hyper sometimes i get mellow and tired. depends on the strain and how much i smoke haha

    idk my high also depends a lot on the set and setting, so my highs range in experience, but there are two things that are guaranteed to happen every time i smoke... i always get the munchies, and red eyes.
  14. Sativa: First I get caught up in my thoughts, no matter how minuscule or irrelevant they are. Then my attention span gets like that of a baby goldfish. My senses are all amplified, touch, sight, hearing, taste, and smell. I start working on my thesis for my PhD in behavioral studies in my head. I love the headband feeling too, like a warm headband has been placed on the inside of your head and just radiates all around.

    Indica: oh my god I'm melting.....zzzzzz....
  15. "Well sir, uh, I feel like, uh, a slice of butter melting on top of a big ol' pile of flapjacks. Yeah."
    [ame=]Item 9 - YouTube[/ame]
  16. For me it's crazy weird, trippy like... ive only really been super baked twice the first time with real cool mushroom lookin bubbler that was my friends, and the second time with a homemade pen pipe w/ a cork bowl (and dont give me shit cause it works wonders :D). The rest of the times ive smoked were with blunts and they didnt get me near as high than with a pipe or bong. In fact I used the homemade pen pipe last night ! and I finally got that feeling I had been searching for ever since the second time i smoked ! and man it was even better cause I embraced it this time (:) lolol I dont feel it at first, but then it hits you! For me It starts with this tingly in my arms and legs and it circulates though my body until my whole body feels like its melting. Ill start zoning out and ill forget the little things ill be trying to do. (I zone out less when i really focus on doing something like walking or staying active.) and when i look at something everything around what im looking at starts pulsating almost like i see every heart beat! And man does my mind race!! Ideas flow through my mind like crazy! but its hard to catch one because a good thought will be replaced by another thought and youll forget each one if you dont concentrate real hard and write them down or something! ... I'm still experimenting with it though , last night all i really did was chill and watch the old Batmans with Adam west lol and then I watched Rango ... :)
  17. i get this feeling, like im high. its great.
  18. Songs go ULTRA SLOW! If I turn my head one way, For like 3 seconds I still think im turning it? I forget why I do things, I smile for no reason, lost in my wierd thoughts, I over analyse song lyrics, Everything seems brighter and more cheerful, I can act quite normal, I enjoy sports and seem to have more energy, I can down cans of fizzy drinks in 20 seconds, my legs tingle, my eyes seem more in my head and heavy and its amazing!
  19. WHen i first started smoking being high was like a entire other reality that made me think more rational and remain more calm, or paranoid in the situation...

    Now when i smoke i feel a little different then sober, more relaxed and distracted
  20. Kinda depends on set/setting or what I'm smoking. I can never seem to feel quite as high around other people, I just can't get lost in the high around

    Just smoking a bong load alone, I start to get spacey and happy, and then the stone sets in. I get that headband feeling, and heavy eyes, and my legs feel numb and warm. I just feel great and everything is a little more exciting

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