What is your favorite type of music to listen to when getting high?

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What is your favorite type of music to listen to when getting high?

  1. Rock

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  2. Rap

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  3. Electronic

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  4. Jazz

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  5. Blues

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  6. R&B

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  7. Pop

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  8. Folk

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  9. Country

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  1. I myself love electronic and hip-hop. When I hear a really great songs in either of these genres and I am smoking some really great jah, well I can only describe it as being taken to a different world.
  2. i listen to pink floyd motsly when im stoned ... they are awsome ... everynow and then i will listen to something in the rock category ... system of a down is also good ... i really dont like rap and that shit ....
  3. soad, kottonmouth kings, sum 41, paul van dyk, nirvana, MARLEY, etc

    pretty much anything I guess
  4. I listin to pink floyd only when Im high, I also listen to metal,and rap
  5. Nothing beats the Beatles and Led Zeppelin.
    Mogwai is cool. Pink Floyd. Any wacked out new electro noise music rocks, too.

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  6. I like listening to Guns N Roses when ive been canning the green stuff, i also like listening to ministry and gatecrasher and shit like that really. Any body else fuckin hate rap?
  7. i like the jam bands like widespread panic grateful dead and phish
  8. How can anything beat the Rolling Stones, get stoned with the Stones, Them stones them stones, not FIRESTONES.
  9. phish, pink floyd, and led zeppelin, and the OCCAISIONAL Jurassic 5 is basically all i listen to, no matter what state my mind is in... but if i'm high most likely it's phish
  10. how could you forget raggae? i love raggae, jam music and some older stuff. dead, zeppelin, phish, aerosmith. thats the best stuff.
  11. Pantera, Dream Theater, Opeth, In Flames... depends what mood im in, but most of the time i prefer something that includes some serious guitar work.
  12. i am definitely a classic rock/jamband girl. i can't seem to get enough of les claypool lately, and i also dig panic. i am a zeppelin head for life though, the doors and pink floyd are excellent music to listen to whilst high.
  13. Anything goes here really, im mainly into rock. Queens of the Stone Age are probs my fav band, fucking amazing stoned too, oh yeah and not forgetting some old school funk provided by Red Hot Chili Peppers (the Blood Sugar Sex Magik album is a must)..

    Ive got a fairly wide range of music that im into but it doesnt generally include rap, r&b or most pop, purely cos i dont like it or i dont agree with the band (manufactured shit like busted who have no talent par example)... half the time i dont buy it though so i wont complain.. heck i only buy cds of bands i really like..

    Oh yeah and i almost forgot the legendary 'Clash' (who played a mix of punk/reggae for those who didnt know)..
  14. Metal!!! Metal is amazinggg when your blazed. All that Remains, Sikth, Protest the Hero are some examples. Give them a listen!
  15. Here's the CD I made for me and my friend to get high.

    Led Zeppelin ~ Stairway To Heaven (How The West Was Won)
    Led Zeppelin ~ Since I've been loving you (How The West Was Won)
    Led Zeppelin ~ Dazed and Confused
    Led Zeppelin ~ No Quarter
    Iron Maiden ~ Fear of the Dark
    Iron Maiden ~ Phantom of the Opera
    Guns N' Roses ~ Knocking on Heaven's Door
    The Eagles ~ Hotel California
    Led Zeppelin ~ Tea For One
    Metallica ~ Fade To Black
    Jimi Hendrix ~ Purple Haze

    I find it so easy to get lost into this CD.
  16. Anything with a groove.
  17. fucking 311!!!!
    they are the shit
    and some good like trance music
    that takes ur mind away

    thats the shit
  18. I'd have to say Blues.

    Or anything slow and cruisey
  19. i like rap and of course reggae...i cant even believe more of you folk dont like reggae!!! Bob Marley hands down best shit when high
  20. Personally I love to listen to something more on the brutal side, just like any other time. Being high just makes the music that much more amazing.

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