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What is your favorite time of day (or night) to smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Roflspammer, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Title says it all. Personally I like smoking anywhere between 1 hour before dark to 1 hour after dark. Also, 3 AM is a good time. Zero sound except bugs and the pond waterfall I made.
  2. :smoke: all the time
  3. Either as soon as I wake up (like 5 mins or less after waking) or nighttime. Nighttime tokes are awesome
  4. ^Same:D

    Wake and bake or nighttime sessions:smoke:
  5. Right after work when I get home bitches. 720 pm. First time smoking of the day so I always get SUPER FUCKING BLAZED.

    That is all.
  6. I can enjoy a high anytime :bongin:
  7. I prefer night. It's so much more relaxing and when I start to come down I can go to bed :)
  8. Right after a huge workout at the gym.. nothing feels better than getting high after you work out.. relaxes the body so well.
  9. Early morning....have a toke,shower,then have coffee so I don't fall asleep.
  10. I usually like going at like noon, 11 PM or really really late at night.
  11. The best time for me to get high is at the end of a night where me and close buds smoke together. We pack a bowl around 6-7pm, then smoke bowls and either do waterfalls / hit my bong through the night. When everyones kinda settling down / going to bed, a huge bong rip + some good music @ 4am = best, most out-of-this-world high i've ever had. best setting ever when you are already that kind of "residual, spacey, tired" baked out of your mind / hammered and you take a huge hit.
  12. Just as it gets dark up until 9 or 10. Get high, eat a late night snack, then sleep right as you come down. I usually shower then too, because its so amazing :smoke:
  13. Late at night. Right b4 I go to bed.
  14. 6:30pm but then I'll toke again before laying in bed because the covers feel orgasmic and falling asleep to music or cruising the internet in bed while stoned is pretty sick :smoke:
  15. Hellyeah.
  16. Night time. Smoking or vaping before going to sleep is always so much fun :D
  17. i couldnt have said this better myself.
  18. Goodass post. I like toking later after i go out and come home and chill, relax with some herb
  19. 4:20 xD

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