What is your favorite strain???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by smilesaregood, May 11, 2010.

  1. I am just finishing my first crop and want to order some new seeds. Indoor grow.
    What is your favorite bud? I had a friend mention purple haze... hard to find?
    I would like something fruity or blueberry and then something that would be good to bake with. Most of all I want some kick ass genetics that will produce high yeilds and be Dank! Sound off :smoking: As always- thanks for your input!
  2. I'd definitely have to recommend Romulan from Next Generation seeds. I'm smokin on some now and I absolutely love it..

    affordable seeds, berry taste, high yielding, off the hook on potency.

    either that or Barney's Farm red dragon, great fruity tasting with a soaring high.. and good yielding easy to grow as well.. g'luck.
  3. my favorite strain readily available in seed form is kali mist. fell in love with this stuff in amsterdam. just the high of it was great, not always the most potent stuff, but the high was just a perfect sativa high. unfortunately though, i have only found it like twice at a medical club though, sour diesel is probably the most similar high i have had to kali mist locally besides the two times i found it(picked up an ounce each time they had it too :hello:

    locally, favorite strain is headband (og kush x sour diesel), but i havent seen any places its available in seed form, but i have seen it available in clones at a few different medical clubs here
  4. That Romulan looks aweful tasty! Have you heard anything about the blueberry punch (blueberry x romulan)? Does Barney's farm ship to the states? Thanks for the reccomendation dude :)

    I also saw big budda's cheese... have you tried that one? looks tasty. I am def planning on getting some sour diesel !Thx
  5. My favorite strain by far is purple #1 from dutch passion. First weed grow back in '06 and it was kill! I was paralyzed after smoking a whole blunt with my girl. Like Jason says, "kill kill kill kill....." haaa haaa.
  6. Just ordered both of those... may I ask how you grew those strains?

  7. When you order look at the info from the strain, that should tell you alot. As far as growing, are you doing indoor or outdoor? It is best to look at the outdoor/indoor growing forums for that kind of help. There is some bomb info out there if you look for it ;)
    good luck!

    and purp #1?! Im gonna def check it out. thx!
  8. BF LSD or OG#18

    I have a feeling my choices will change this year!

  9. Good picks! Outdoor hu? What are some you think do well outdoor? I want to try that next year. thx BUDdy ;)

  10. That is what I am gonna run in 1.5 cycles. I am buying them in that attitude sale. I can't decide whether to get the 0g 18 tho. I want it, but it just seems that with that Thuderstruck deal, I get alot of similar strains to the 18, as far as the indica sativa mixes. Plus I have that sour kush (Headband?) to try.

    But I am getting the lsd for sure, and I have the 18 in my cart
  11. og kush just has a great distinct taste to it and a soothing very nice stone. but, the taste is just amazing

    not too sure how difficult the og #18 will be to grow, but i have a few friends who grow true og kush(clones from a caregiver in 707 who supplies og many dispensaries in ca) and they seem to always have great success with it and never run into much trouble with it
  12. So far RP Confidential Cheese.

    I just finished a LA Woman and I'm not to impressed.

    Confidential Cheese though is very nice.
    I'm going with Bubble Cheese next.

    I'm gonna be a cheese factory.

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