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What is your favorite strain and why?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by NoOn3kNoWz, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. :smoking: What is your two favorite strains and why? :smoke: 
    (adding picture of strain is a big help)
    My favorite is:
    drum roll please...
    Very Berry Haze by Apothocary 
    Parents: Strawberry Cough & Super Silver Haze
    Very tasty strain 
    Tastes like: Amp and Monster Mixed together
    Smells like berry mix /dragon-fruit febreze
    thc avg: 22%
    Bruce Banner #3 by Delta9 Labs
    Parents: OG Kush & Strawberry Diesel 
    Smells like : Woody, earthy, potent.
    Tastes like : Bitter sweet candy and dirt..
    thc avg: 28.73%
    :yay: So whats yours?    :bongin:

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  2. Girl scout cookies!!!!! Look at this fuckin nug homie.....
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  3. mmmm girl scout cookies looks good.. never had it.. gotta try it.. gunna love it... lol
  4. My favorite strain I've consumed in my lifetime? I've only ever smoked a Quarter-Ounce of it, but it was from a grower who used to live in the same town I lived in a few years back. The strain: Purple Phoenix. Good luck googling it because it was his originally bred strain. I wish I would have saved pictures of it.. I could only describe it as 80% Purple (color) and 20% green, caked in trichomes and even thicker resin gland hairs (deep red in color). it was a hybrid strain, and although I do not know for sure the genetics, I can honestly say it was the greatest sativa-head high from a cannabis flower i've ever gotten in my entire life.. and I've be medically carded for 6+ years between 2 states
  5. mmm i love like home made strains.. so interesting... usually tastes amazing...   :smoking:
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    Jack Herer. Not the strongest strain, but so damn enjoyable. Makes me want to take a walk or go hiking. Always keep a bit here. A pic of Jack I had a while back:


    Also love GSC in all of its many varieties. Just picked up this Cookie Monster and it is OUTSTANDING.


    No Flash-
  7. wow i totally never heard of that other one.. ive heard of jack herer havent smoked that either.    :poke:  ;)
  8. I like weed, because it's weed.
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  9. My #1 favorite indica is.... DOPIUM from Denver Relief. Can't find it anywhere else, at all.
    My 2nd favorite indica is also Bruce Banner #3

    My #1 favorite sativa is.... LSD
    My 2nd favorite sativa is.... Girl scout cookies

    Don't have a favorite for hybrid. I'm sensitive to the indica/sativa kind of thing, so for me its all or nothing ya know?
  10. Jack Frost but I love all Jack Phenos

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1417578890.427747.jpg

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  11. i love winter itself so pretty much anything to do with that in bud has an auto 2 thumbs up from me.. lol.    :metal:

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