What is your favorite "Parody Movie"

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  1. Mine is scary movie 1 haha.

    Shorty-"I'm on T.V. oh shit first cops now this ohh man Ima be a star son!"
    Lady-"What can you tell us about Drew?"
    Shorty-"Well she had a fat ass son I mean it was bang!"
    Man-"How close were you to the victim?"
    Shorty-"Real close, til' the roofies wore off, then she woke up and started talkin' about pressin' charges,so I just pulled my tongue out on her ass and left"
    Lady-"What would have been your last words to Drew?"

  2. Mine would have to be "Airplane" (the 1980 original)...and the movie that those guys did before it, "Kentucky Fried Movie."

    Both are INCREDIBLE to watch while baked!
  3. Airplane or Spaceballs.
  4. Absolutely my favorite with out a doubt.

    The Bob Dylan portrayal made me laugh harder than any other comedy film.. it was well done.
  5. Kentucky Fried Movie, the original uncut version (impossible to find now with the catholic priest cigarette ad scene).

    Hot Shots!
  6. the answer is mel brooks. his parodies are the bestest.
  7. Quite a few out there, but I remember Our Man Flint, with James Coburn as secret agent Derek Flint, which was almost as good as, and sometimes better than, the James Bond films with Sean Connery that it parodied. There was a followup called In Like Flint, also with James Coburn. The Austin Powers films borrowed heavily from the Flint movies.
  8. Off the top of my head, gotta say Spaceballs
  9. Walk Hard
    Undercover Brother
    Tropic Thunder
    The Incredibles

  10. thats what im saying man! spaceballs? young frankenstein? Robin hood men in tights? Blazing saddles? mel brooks movies are gold
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    I'd have to agree with anything Mel Brooks :)

    Don't forget Kung Pow! "Let me know if you see a Radio Shack" :hello:
  12. I agree with the Mel Brookes/Leslie Neilson/John Landis suggestions but have to say:
    Everyone hates on the Wayans brothers. Because they make a lot of bullshit. But some of the films they are involved in are unfairly written off:
    I'm Gonna Git You Sucka
    Don't be a Menice
    Hollywood Shuffle (not that much Wayans involvement, but awesome film).

    Also got to give a shout to Black Dynamite.
  13. I completely forgot Sean of the Dead. One of my favorite movies
  14. blazing saddles or scary movie 1
  15. Blazing saddles is fucking brilliant.

    Tough call though...Hot Fuzz is really good as well, just completely outrageous.
  16. Don't forget A Low Down Dirty Shame with the other Wayans brother. That was a parody of blaxploitation in a way.
  17. Top 3:
    Tropic Thunder
    Scary Movie 1 (each one afterwards was slightly worse than the last..shame)
  18. Shaun*** of the dead.. My favorite spin off. I'm a huge zombie fan so it's obvious... :smoke:
  19. Scary Movie 1 was legit as hell. The second one was pretty funny, not as good as the second. The third and fourth were just alright, nothing great. They got worse after each one.

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