what is your favorite multi player game?

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  1. I used to play professionally (css) great game
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  2. Lotta CS fans in here, I like it.
  3. Hands down without a doubt there will never ever be another game like it again.../SOCOM 2.

    Only reason call of duty is around is because the game keeping it on life support is no longer around nobody played that pos back in the day.
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  4. CoD 2 was the best one. That was the shit, and it was all downhill from there...
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  5. Goldeneye 64!
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  6. "Hide the salami"......thats usually my fave......
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    It's Dota. Look at my avatar. The second is slither.io on techbigs. Colorful sparkling colors make me high.
  8. Man this is the truest shit ever

    Me and the homie were huge on CoD2 back in the day. Carentan and Tunisia. Man that game was so big when it first dropped. Good times for sure. Loved all the guns
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  9. COD 4 was my jam..........I think
  10. COD BO3 Zombies
    Lineage 2
    Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
    CS 1.6
    Friday The 13th
    Wiz Khalifa Weed Farm
  11. I realllllly liked Far Cry 5......................and Battlefield V I liked too..........
  12. Far Cry Primal was good for me too
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  13. What made CoD 2 great was the gameplay. No create a class, no leveling up. Just playing for the sake of playing where everyone was on a level playing field. That's how multiplayer FPS games should be in my opinion...
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  14. This is what it needs to go back to and keep boots on the ground. Or my thing is get rid of customizing no perks maybe no kill streaks. Than again that’s what was good about socom. Didn’t have all this Harry Potter BS
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  15. rising storm 2 Vietnam is good and really similar to what youre looking for and relatively new. i would recommend it if ur pc is good enough

    halo 2 for split screen multiplayer (SCREEN PEEKER!!!!! Lol good times)
    battlefield bad company 2 for online multiplayer
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  16. Yeah CoD is tough. It’s easy to look at Infinite Warfare (I think that’s what it was called?) and look back and be like “damn how did we get here” but I guess that’s how it goes. I liked two for what it was and I also really like the newest MW they made as well. The futuristic shit was too much for me and I wasn’t into the time to kill in BO4 at all. CoD2 was a much simpler time in CoD but also gaming in general. I do miss those days a lot, glad I had fun with them while I could.

    It’s also really easy for me to wish there was a CoD remastered or something but I don’t know if a game like that would really thrive in today’s market to be honest. I installed on Xbox maybe 4ish months ago and the servers were very very empty.

    Definitely loved CoD2 tho lol
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  17. I never had internet till cod waw, (well we did but it was dial up) but i did play the older cods, just never online. I feel the same way about black ops 1 and waw. Seems like yesterday. mw3 was the last cod i got into, bo2 was the last one i bought.
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  18. Player unknowns battle grounds mate. "PUBG"
    You tried that yet? Could be right up your street :)
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  19. To my understanding though a lot of the changes coming some of the big games will be going back to the Olsen days. The video game scams are getting shut down from what I read... aka micro transaction scams and everything else u buy. I hope something like that happened because it’s not right how u have to pay $60 for a game and only get it 25% complete if you want the full game u gotta spend another $60 or more. Games back in the day used to come packed with levels etc. another thing though I noticed though I think there’s cheats on the new call of duty or aim bot is back maybe. Love how I can get picked off across the map with a m4 and they can’t see me on kill cams or at least I don’t see myself.
  20. I'm not really into battle royale and also I don't really game anymore...

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