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What is your favorite movie to watch while your high?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SMOKYSMOKY, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Weed and movies go together hand and hand. Its always fun to sit on the couch with a nice sack of chronic and a couple good friends and watch a movie.

    I love watching newer movies but lately I have been going for the classics and today I rolled 3 joints and sat down and watched Dumb and Dumber....I laughed my ass off :)
  2. Anything by Kevin Smith (Clerks and Mallrats), The Doors, Dazed and Confused, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Friday, The Big Lebowski, Up In Smoke...

    There are too many to mention...
  3. i highly suggest putting on some tunes and hitting the "now playing" tab on windows media player (if you use it). select one of the visuals, and maybe full screen it.
  4. Planet Earth
  5. I love all those movies...

    I love music don't get me wrong sometimes I just wanna watch a movie :)
  6. Then go with something by Alejandro Jodorowski. i recommend either El Topo or The Holy Mountain. they appear on youtube sometimes, but usually go away pretty fast.
  7. I love watching the wall when I'm blazed...

    but if I'm extremely high I seem to get really bad vibes from it, aha. still love it though
  8. i watched boondock saints last night and it was kick ass
  9. clerks 2
    and grandma's boy
  10. ha ha sounds like you need to invest in a t.v. or a radio or somethin!
  11. this person who like to stare at the wall :)
  12. it may sound cheesy

    but i always laugh my ass off at the 90s comedies when im high.


    The Mask

    Dumb and Dumber

    anything with Chris Farley

    Groundhog Day

    The Jerk (watched this the other day. . classic)

    oh and who can forget Baseketball?
  13. I always watch Ratatouille, and animated movies in general they are excellent to watch.
  14. Dude I am the same way,




    and other shows with back round laugh tracks

    they clue u in when to laugh

    I am a grown ass man 2 ahah, its scary how old am i that i watch taht stuff, its soo funny
  15. I like to watch movies that provoke lots of thought, but I also like movies with senseless violence. One movie that I watched recently that I really liked was WANTED. It seriously made zero sense but it was entertaining none the less. The higher I am the better any movie seems to be.
  16. ahahahah thats funny. i think he meant The Wall movie from Pink Flioyd, not get stoned and literally look at the wall and get bad vibes from it hahaha. watch The Wall from Pink Floyd, now that movie is intense.
  17. Oh my word ha ha, wow am I a ditz or am I high....................


    That movie is crazy I have seen it.

  18. hahaha yeah...

    when i dont watch something "stonerish", like the wall or dark side of the rainbow, i'll watch something like the big lebowski, pulp fiction, lock stock and two smoking barrells, etc.
  19. simply put. Cocaine Cowboys is the best. other good ones are jackass 2 and i enjoyed borat a lot.

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