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What is your FAVORITE method of using Marijuana

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WildWill, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. #1 WildWill, Jun 2, 2009
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    OK Blades, I'm curious, and I want SEASONED answers only - don't bother voting unless you've tried at least five of the different methods, of course I can't stop you, but please be honest, there's no bonus points for lying.

    Here's the question:

    What is your favorite method of using Marijuana? Pretty simple. Didn't want to post in Toking Tools because some of these don't really involve tools.

    Me, I'm partial to my Volcano as my FAVORITE method, but honestly it's not the one I use most often. SO I'm curious about that, is your favorite what you use most often or not?

    Oh and if I missed something please choose "Other" and post what I might have forgotten.
  2. i know it's what highschool kids do, but i love making a bong that actually works. to me, it feels like i have more invested in the whole process of smoking, if that makes any sense. it certainly doesn't have the best quality of smoke, but i like it.
  3. i think my favorite way is with a glass pipe.
    but really the method doesnt matter as long as i got the results.
  4. My favorite will always be a Roor or nice glass bong. I like volcanos and vapes and stuff but they just get boring, while bongs never do for some reason. :cool:
  5. I've been smoking out my volcano lately which I like a lot, but edibles are really nice when you have a chance to do them :smoking:
  6. Interesting, not surprisingly Glass Tube is on top right now...thanks for all your input. Keep it coming.

    If you're not an MMJ patient, I know edibles can get to be chore to find, but they're SOOOOOO worth it. I know several patients that's all they do, they don't smoke anything anymore.
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    Actually I am a little offended that blunts did not have their own category :p

    Although I have to admit edibles are nice, I will never forget the first time I got fucked up on Reefer's Peanut Butter Cups!!
  8. wooden pipe or joints

    both are just so nostalgic to me
  9. i was torn between the glass tube and the joint.

    i chose joint because to me there's nothing better than rolling a fatty and tasting the great natural taste of the herb.

    I use the tube much more than i smoke joints just because of convenience.. it's just more practical when home smoking solo.

    i dig a vap too and am thinking of getting a volcano, i'm just worried that i'll use it at first and it'll end up sitting on the shelf because i'm lazy.
  10. Heh...

    I have a theory that's based the age of the stoner in question - basically - my theory is that older stoners would rather smoke joints, and younger stoners want either glass or blunts.

    I consider myself in between to be honest....but I think blunts are very, very overrated. Fine once in a while (like a Cigar, I enjoy a good cigar once or twice a year), but not for everyday use.

    Joints are a bit more common for us lately, but I see that diminshing.

    The Volcano was every day for a little while, I've cut back on it a bit, but it'll be moving tonight.
  11. I like glass bongs a lot, not fancy ones that are 3 feet+, I like getting a nice rip off a mid-size/small bong. I think blunts waste too much bud, but I do like rolling a joint of some nice mids. Bubblers are good too, I really don't like straight spoons...but I'm usually using my spoon anyway.
  12. Hard to say one is my favorite, but my dugout is definitely in my top three. I take it with me pretty much anywhere I go. Quick, discreet, and easy to conceal. A lot of times my friends and I will get nice and high before we leave the house, and it works great to give my high a nice boost when I start coming down once we are out and about.

    At my old job I worked alone most of the time, and it was nice to be able to walk out back, get a nice high going, pop in a breathe mint and some visine, and chill at my desk without having to worry about anyone messing with me.
  13. well the healthiest way would be glass, vape, or edible but by far the funnest way to smoke it would be a blunt, jus the whole process of rolling it and you dont need to relight it, i also love the taste and are great for groups of people and for cruisin.
  14. I just like me a good ol Doobie :smoking:

    Typical joint rolled with zig zag oranges
  15. This was hard to choose. I love blunts, pipes, and bongs all very much and each have their pros and cons.

    I chose small pipe because it's what I use most often and am most comfortable with.
  16. In my opinion, nothing is more satisfying then seeing a massive column of milk slowly rising towards your lips, only to it be sucked in, held, and exhaled.
  17. I love me a good bong rip off my glass EHLE. Fuck tolerance breaks. But oh, will the wait be worth it :hello:
  18. Ive smokes joint blunts bong bubbler glass pipe gravity bongs and more that I cant remember. I voted glass pipe bubbler cause I always enjoy them.
  19. A well rolled Green or Vanilla Game blunt always makes me happy, but any type of vaporizer comes in at a close second.

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