What is your Favorite method of growing Hydro?

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  1. Ebb and flow versus bubble buckets versus continuous flow. What do all the grass city growers think about these methods the pros and cons. Things you should factor in when responding are cost to set up and maintain, ease of DIY set up for the various systems, plant health and maintiance, growth times, and harvest. It would be nice to get everybody's thoughts in one place to compare and contrast, the hypothetical situation of growing our favorite plant. :D
  2. DWC easy to build, easy to maintain, full plant control, begginer friendly, outrageous growth and good yeilds.
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    DIY Aero tube with sprayers and an air stone - Aero/DWC Hybrid :)

    My clones were rooting very slow until I added the air stone and then BAM! Roots were hanging out past the bottom of the net cups the next day. Lots of new growth too. Growing very fast now.

  4. I did 5 gallon bubble buckets before and they kicked ass, after a month of veg they had fan leaves bigger then my hand.

    it was very cheap and easy for me to make, the only thing I recommend is making a resevoir if you can, it will be a little more initial work but it will save you a lot of work, once they start getting big they drink a lot of water and its a pain to refill a bunch of seperate buckets and make sure the nutrients/ph are correct.
  5. I would prefer soil, but if I had to do hydro it would probably be a continuous flow, seems like it would work better

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