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What is your favorite indoor strain?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by BiggFunkNugg, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. I have grown many different strains and have noticed some are alot better than others. What are your favorite strains to grow INDOORS? (outdoors is a whole other story). Factor in things like potency, yield, durability, flowering time and availability. If u know any more killer strains I didn't list, please name em'!
  2. My favourite is Sensi Super Skunk.... They grow low and bushy and heaps of tips so you enjoy a nice yield at harvest time...

    Gets ya damn stoned too!!!!


    My next grow will be White Widow i reckon ...

    Happy Growing Man !!!!!!!!

  3. That Sensi Super Skunk looks like a massive yielder! Where did u get those seeds? I can tell u White Widow is a great strain to harvest. It is fairly forgiving. You will get decent smoke even if u totally screw it up (not that u would).
  4. Elvis Diesel , m-39 / or shiva skunk (same strain sensei seeds calls m-39 shiva skunk its NL#5 X SK#1) , and master kush these are my favs w/ the Elvis diesel at #1 But we'll see w/ time peace
  5. Ur Diesel looks like it stinks. Fuckin Chronic man. Keep it up!
  6. Purple Kush. Takes some serious dedication to grow it to it's full potential, but man....It's worth every thing it takes and more.
  7. mmmm. purple kush! Whats the flowering time on that stuff?

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