What is your favorite free MMO on PC?

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  1. I know there are alot of free games out there...what is your favorite? Right now i have games like ghost recon online, arctic combat, dc universe online..
  2. bump...no one plays any free pc games??
  3. All free MMOs suck. o_o
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  4. Runescape
  5. Vindictus is the only good one, but damn is it good!
  6. Gw2 is as close as you'll get to a good free memo. That's still a 1 time fee tho
  7. lotro is a pretty good free MMO, even better if u like lord of the rings. but it's not really that free, if u get at all serious about the game your either going to spend money, or lots and lots of your time
  8. [quote name='"Heosphoros"']Vindictus is the only good one, but damn is it good![/quote]

    You like vindictus? What level are you? My brother plays hes like level 70 and that game feels so damn repeditive.
  9. I have all the chars at least 50, highest is 60.

    It -seems- repetetive, because its town/dungeon and that's kinda it. But the play/fighting style is unparalleled even in most pay to play games. They also just released two new chars and like 4 entirely new places (before there was many dungeons and two towns, now there's many many many of each, game easily doubled in size over the past 6 months.)

    Also, bosses/raids in that game are the best.
  10. I dig not my type of game but i dig.
    Anyways on topic my top free games is League of Legends.
  11. Planetside 2
  12. Ignorance is bliss :/ generalizations are evil
  13. Old runescape (private servers). Dofus is sick too
  14. try SoulSplit. look it up. man it's too bad Runescape has gone to shits over the years

  15. for fps
    or Path of Exile if you like RPG
  16. my vote goes for runescape... probably before the first wild update and failed attempts to kill off real world traders...

    now the game is a stupid verison of wow... it makes me sad how much they ruined that game
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    Diablo 3 is paid: / simpler, but the Path of Exile (PoE) is more enjoyable - it's probably an MMORPG.
    I also like EVE Online, it is a pity that EVE is consuming so much time ... "Time is Isk," as the EVE community says.
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  18. path of exile was the only free one I really got into. I did play neverwinter for a while, mostly on the xbox, but so many, if not all, free MMo's are just p2w. It fucking drives me crazy all the mini transactions. I hate it. I remember back in my day you pay for a game 1 time, $50, thats it. lol.
    Path of exile I didn't pay a dime for anything I dont think, and got to max level before something else caught my interest.
    Honestly, I was huge in to WoW a few years ago and spent a ton of time in it, and since I quit I've tried several other MMO's, including star wars the old republic, but nothing is really up to snuff as OG WoW, like before panda's and cataclysm.
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  19. Played a Digimon MMO, its pretty sick, can't remember my login or old password for shit though lol and I'm thinking about getting on this Pokemon MMO i found a couple of days ago for, ya know, nostalgia
  20. The free ones are meh imo. Game companies end up selling their souls in the cash shop to support the free game. It almost always leads to a pay to win situation.
    It doesn't really matter though, even the paid ones out atm are pretty bad. The next exciting thing I see in the future is anthem, and even with it it is way too early to tell.
    There is a cheap game on steam called repopulation that would be cool if they had a descent engine running it. it is a remake if galaxies and is in alpha still. It died once already but they keep trying. If you like involved crafting and player based economies it is pretty cool.
    Eso would be fun if the pvp wasn't ruined by hackers and people that depend on macros and animation canceling. Same kind of crap ruined any fun in black desert too.

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