What is your favorite console and game of all-time?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by LivingTheLife, May 5, 2012.

  1. I'd say N64 and GoldenEye 007. Both of them were superior.
  2. Gta san andreas on ps2 favorite game of all time
  3. Resident Evil 4 - Nintendo Gamecube:D
  4. Favorite console is Xbox 360 but favorite game is Mario Kart on N64
  5. SNES and either Earthworm Jim 2/Super Punch Out/TMNT:Turtles in Time

  6. Haha damnit,My fav is also the 360 and the game is Resident Evil 4 (f*ck a gamecube).
  7. PS1

    Chrono Cross

  8. Agreed. The N64 was just a beast of a console for its time with a killer lineup of games - goldeneye, few blunts, and MP with friends = best ever.
  9. snes, sega, n64, ps1. can't really choose. way too many games to list.

    i'm actually playing earthbound on snes right now. just came in the mail today off ebay. :smoke:
  10. Favorite overall = N64, that things was a baws. Favorite in this time = PS3.

    Fave game handsdown is a tie between Baldur's Gate Series and Half-Life and it's expansions. Baldur's Gate got me into RPG's man. And Half-Life for it's time was just so fuckin awesome. Still is IMO. Anyway...:bongin:
  11. Xbox 360

    Halo 2
  12. The original Xbox and the first Knights of the Old Republic.
  13. this thread makes me feel old...
  14. Playstation 2, Socom 2, no contest.
  15. This is easy. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for PS1.
  16. World at War.
  17. Xbox 360 - Gears of War 2
  18. i've been playing earthbound on snes lately

    +rep if you know what i'm even talking about.

    CALL OF DUTY BRO :laughing:
  19. Super Nintendo
  20. I swear the answers some of you post...

    ...so many great games you guys will most likely never even hear of.

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