What is your favorite cigarette brand?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tiger, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Marlboro Menthols over here :smoking:

  2. the blue Kool XLs
  3. Natural American Spirits!
  4. It used to be Newports, but these recent weeks American Spirit Menthol have won me over. They taste so clean. And after smoking spirits for a while other cigarettes taste like chemicals.

  5. classic
  6. nat shermans and org. american spirits
  7. Marlboro 54's! In my area they had a really good sale and used to be 3.50 a PACK not anymore though....:[
  8. Marlboro golds.
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  10. a bit off subject, but i could not understand the final part of your sig
  11. Lyrics from Aesop Rock's 9 to 5'ers Theme.
  12. Camel Wides.

    I wish they sold American Spirits in my town.
  13. Marlboro 27s
  14. red's (marlboro)

    but if im in the mood for a menthol, ill go for a newport(its the Reds of menthol's)
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    I'm a Belmont King Size right here.
    But i've been dying to try Djarum Blacks and Camel Robusts.
  16. 100 box
  17. American Spirit unfiltered

    I rarely smoke, but wouldn't mind trying Camel Wides.
  18. Newport box kings:hello:, but at 6 bucks a pack im thinkin of callin it quits
  19. Camel Filty's yo!


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