What is your favorite band to listen to blazed?

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  1. So I was just wondering what some of the grasscity community listens to baked. I myself am a huge Nirvana fan. They are my favorite band, and my favorite to listen to baked. How 'bout the rest of you? What bands do you like?


    P.S. This may piss some of you off-so my apologies in advance-

    I do not consider any rappers, rap groups, etc., to be bands. In my opinion rap is just people swearing, talkin 'bout beating/killing people, and talkin 'bout sex while other people add some kind of music in the background. To be a legitimate band, I think that the artist(s) must play the music themselves.
  2. The Grateful Dead, The Flaming Lips, Ween

    I guess I wouldn't consider rappers part of a "band," but you have to give credit to some rappers who are making good music. Don't get me wrong, most rap that comes out is not good at all, but there's a lot of rappers out there that have a lot of talent.
  3. In this thread: Stupidity.

    Sorry mate, but for you to claim all rap as "just people swearing, talkin 'bout beating/killing people" is what we today would call being ignorant. Can I make a blanket statement about rock? Can I claim it's all a bunch of make-up covered kids crying about slashing wrists?

    Well, if we're following your logic - Seems so. Sadly, I make it a goal not to be short sighted. You get good rap. Likewise, you get horrid rap aswell. However, this applies to all genre's of music, even these so called band's of which you speak. Ever listened to Cannibal Ox's, Pigeon? Jedi Mind Trick's, Uncommon Valour? Rap, but not what you percieve it to be.

    Also mate, music does not = band. God forbid we limit creativity like that. Music varies from genre to genre. In rock, metal, screamo etc. naturally a band and instruments are used. However techno, while still music, doesn't. Same for hip-hop. Diversity mate, it makes the world interesting. You know, I think that's why we're on GC. Why we appreciate MJ.

    I'm not saying you need to love all music, I'm saying have enough respect to allow other's to listen to what they want - And funnily enough, they'll do the same. There's no right are wrong here. No superior choice. Music is based on taste, taste on opinion and opinion varies from person to person. And we all know, opinions are like asshole's - Everyone has them, and their full of shit.


    P.S Pink Floyd.
  4. bob
    red hot
  5. The Velvet Underground

    Makes me feel like Jesus son
  6. He's prob just talking about all that mainstream bullshit these days and i agree. But yea if you really look you can find some good rappers wit mad talent. And as for the question i cant single out 1 band thats the best blazed cause i just put on whatever im feelin but Pink Floyd and Cypress Hill is always good.
  7. And bands lacking talent. But yeah, exactly what I was saying. Anyone that judges the quality of music by first looking at it's genre is being silly. Good music is good music, regardless. Likewise, shit music will always be shit

    Also. Rage Against the Machine is always good, blazed or not.
  8. phish, zappa, sufjan stevens, radiohead, allman brothers, perpertual groove, flaming lips, little feat, fleetwood mac, the beatles, the smiths, the doors, cream, widespread panic, the chemical brothers, modest mouse, muse, yes, marley, jeff beck, fear before the march of flames.

    to name a few, lol.
  9. Way to be believe what the tv and radio tells you about hip-hop. It is pretty comforting being able to shun an ENTIRE genre of music, eh?

    There are many hip-hop artists that have more talent in their producing fingers than Kurt had in his entire voice and guitar playing. Maybe it's time you branched out your interests.

    I listen to my music, regardless of sobriety. There aren't any artists that I only listen to high.
  10. Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa
  11. Sublime
    Pink Floyd
    Velvet Underground
  12. I fucking love this guy.
  13. you just killed the thread

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