What is your fav. band???

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what is your favorite genre?

  1. punk/emo

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  2. heavy metal

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  3. rock

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  4. 70s-80s "rock"

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  5. reggae

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  1. Just wondering (probably been posted a million times...) what are your favorit bands.

    Mine are:

    all-american rejects
    new found glory
    the strokes
    the offspring
    (some) simple plan
  2. Right now I'm listenin' to a ton of Phish, they're fuckin great...also love Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, John Scofield, AC/DC, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ozzy Osbourne(with Randy Rhodes)

    ..and how can you ask about a favorite genre? what the hell? the only thing i can say on that is that i pretty much hate all punk/emo music...

    and by the way, there exist music genres outside of the ones you listed in the pol...
  3. ^^Wow, in alphabetical order. :O

  4. yeah i know, but those seem to be the more popular ones. im not going to list 30+ different types for the poll...your crazy man just crazy....
  5. Well I guess if that defines crazy, I am.
    Seriously tho, u could at least stick in jazz, classical and bluegrass.*o*
  6. everyones forgettin about good ol hip hop i love it especially aesop rock i just recently stumbled across him and i think hes awesome
  7. classic rock and the beatles

    you should have put 60-70s rock as a genre instead of 70-80s. music from the 60s and 70s is a lot more alike than 70s and 80s. 80s is about the time popular music was changing, with the new hair bands and such. even looking at bands who played in the 60s and 70s, and listening to the stuff they came out with in the 80s you can notice a difference
  8. Psychobilly as played by Meteors, The Cramps,Frantic Flintstones and lots of others, and a whole shitload of other styles too, but psycho till I die is the way it is.

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  9. Right now...

    Modest mouse, Radiohead, The Pixies, The Strokes, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, Ravi Shankar, and many more....
  10. Actually---my favorites are all of the above. But I had to pick rock out of all of the choices.
  11. Okay, I voted for 70's Rock as the genesis of Blues. That's when/ where I made my desent into Blues. From early Zep and the Stones. From Clapton and Hendrix. The Doors. Ten Years After(Alvin Lee). And then BB King's "The Thrill is Gone"... I was forever lost to the Blues. Thanks for listening. BluesMan
  12. My favorite bands are: The deftones,glassjaw, a perfect circle and alot more..
  13. Hmmmm, after much thought I would have to say Slayer. Even though their new stuff is kinda crap, I love their older stuff and I listen to it a lot and it never gets old and at the end of a long tiring school day, theres nothing better to give you energy than throwing in reign in blood and headbanging all the way home.
  14. favs r

    red hot chili peppers
  15. The king and founder of all rock horror, Alice Cooper.
  16. mt favourite bands are;

    ..And you will know them by the trail of dead
    The Strokes
    The Clash
    Razor Light
    Rage against the machine
    Cypress Hill
    Beastie boys

    Lots of bands !! Nofx and trail of dead are my absoloute favs tho...
  17. Yes.They are gods among men. They speak the language of music fluently. As do Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.

  18. dude you rock kyuss is an awsome band same with primus red hot chili peppers and tool. i only like some metalica though. I also like frank zappa alot plus queens of the stone age ,rage against the machine and bad brains. pink floyd the doors and the beatles cant forget them. oh yeah i forgot miles davis duke ellington and dizzy gilespie
  19. PRIMUS - art funk/rock

    Residents - art noise
    Zappa - comedy/art
    Too $hort - rap
    Lisa Loeb - acoustic
    Kyuss - metal...ish
    Nirvana - seattle
    Skatellites - 1st wave (jamacian) ska
    Bad Brains - punk
    Pink Floyd - psychadelic
    Johnny Cash - country
    Paco de Lucia - classical guitar
    Chuck Berry - early rock
    Bob Dylan - storytelling folk...ish
    Fishbone - rootsy 3rd wave (american) ska
    Gorillaz - brit techno

    basically, anything from any genre that doesn't SUCK (except Primus :))

  20. oh shit my fav are D-12 and Limp Bizkit

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