What is your facial hair situation?

Discussion in 'General' started by Raoul II, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. I'm clean shaven, but I think I'm going to grow a beard before school starts.
  2. got a little patch on the chin. makes me look like shaggy lol

  3. EXACTLY. That's all I can get lol.
  4. i'm a mess
  5. Yup, I'm rockin' the shaggy look at the moment.

    I wish I had a daphne to perv on though :p
  6. I want a full beard/stache combo, think it would look totally bad ass on me, but I'm too lazy and don't shave enough... but hey, I'm only 19 so lots more time to get that bad ass beard I've always wanted...

    The bad part about this is, the stache hair grows easily, but the beard not so much. Great for an 80s porn flic, bad for now.
  7. clean shaven
  8. Goatee + 4 day shaggy growth
  9. My electric shaver has been broken and buying a new one is low on my list of priorities
  10. got a chinstrap beard. :p
  11. 10' O-clock shadow
  12. no doubt dude,,,,,,,, if they aint a weeding,,,,,or a funeral,,,,,,

    i hit my shit with the dog clippers,,,,,about every few '' days''

    heres proof,,,,



  13. Haha yea chicken, that's usually how I always keep my shit.

    Of course yours is much thicker, but gimme time and I'll catch up.
  14. I keep it at a "5 oclock shadow" (scruff as my g/f calls it).
  15. i voted soul patch,
    but only because i misread the title thinking we were speaking of pubic hair.................................... :p:laughing:
  16. the more women you lay with,,,,,,,

    the thicker your facial hair will be,,,,,,

    you seen a 28 yr. old with peach fuzz right??????????

    a virgin,,,,,,no doubt,,,,,,,

    a old man told me this,,,,and ive seen it too be true,,,,,,,,

    so to catch me ,,,,,,you better become a male whore,,, for the next 2 years,,,,:p

  17. well when it comes to a female,,,,,,[​IMG]

    nuff said<---------------!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:cool:

  18. remind me of this Dave Attel routine.

    "a bald guy will fuck you like it's the last time they'll ever have sex, because it prolly will be"

    ikd something like that
  19. Got some of the beard in, chin hair check, mustache check, under my lip check..yeahh I'm just trying to get that chinstrap
  20. I got 360 waves with the edge-up always clean-cut

    No fuckin sideburns

    Clean shaven, yet just a lilllllllll scruff, like David Beckham or some shit ya know

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