What is your EZcloner Cleaning Routine

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  1. Alright, what is your EZcloner cleaning routine? Do people use just bleach/hypochlorous acid for sanitation then use something else for cleaning out the gunk out of it? Do you scrub the trays and everything when you are done?

    I was thinking of doing the following once I’ve transplanted my clones

    1. Dump all nutrient water out
    2. Disassemble and scrub all the parts with a tipless brush using Alconox
    3. Rinse and put the EZcloner back together
    4. Fill with tap water and let the pump run for 10min - after 10min dump water
    5. Fill with 0.025% bleach (250ppm) and let run for 20min - after 10min dump
    6. Repeat step 2
    7. Let dry
    I've debated using Star-San but that might get a little too foamy in the res.
  2. one tine these ezy cloners were so expensive for what you get many, me too, made our own,
    fish tank pump a rubber maid and some pipe fittings and your done, the hardest was cutting out the neoprene rubber from beach shoes ..lol

    1: dump out the near neutral ppm water, no need for nutes as they got no roots

    2: circulate with the 1/4 cup of household bleach and warm water, drain well

    3: circulate again with ro/near neutral clean water, drain well, and refill

    4: insert cuts, if after 10 days re cut and re apply honey to exposed cut

    5: I used to foilar nute the babes after 10 days most if they were sativas
    but often no need for a 10 day operation, feeding thru the stomata

    6: I don't use the cloner much these days as I much prefer the 'air layering' stuff as it don't hurt the plant, any failure on the growers part he can simply patch and select another place

    good luck
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  3. Wait, you re cut clones? Do you do that if they don't start growing roots at all?
  4. cut and scrape ...exposing the cambium, after all you are but teasing rootlets from the cambium, the layer under the bark, but after 10 days at 24c and no show I re trim or restart

    so much pissing around was annoying, until I found air layering

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  5. No shit, I had no idea you could do a mid course correction like that!
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  6. I drain the old water , refill it and start again. I have the Cloner about 6 years now. I washed it ones or twice.
  7. You don't get any funky growth or algae in it? Are us sing nutrients or other inputs in there?
  8. I just use plain Well water and sometimes I spray Clonex solution on them. That's it. Don't get me wrong. I rinse the Reservoir good in my Bathtub. But I don't scrub it or use any soap or so. Just the Water power.
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  9. Good to know, that will make my life easy if I don't have to scrub. I always love a good CIP ptotocol!

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