What is your explanation of....

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  1. ....the intangible, confusion, and existence?
  2. The intangible: Russel's Teapot
    Confusion: Unlucky
    Existence: Lucky :p

  3. The intangible is tangential. As in, there are unknown worlds beneath us, maybe even within us, that we cannot physically perceive, but may travel through whence in deep meditation. The intangible therefore has to be tangible from one aspect or another, causing it to be tangible. How can intangibility live in independence when everything is connected?

    Well, then again there is the intangible, the inexpressible, but our means of expressing it as such are, in a way, expressing it, therefore creating it to be expressible and tangible. You see?

    Confusion can be cast off when doubt is cast off. Doubting yourself, doubting your beliefs, doubting your existence. Rid yourself of all such notions and return to the eternal presence which you are, and confusion cannot get in your way.

    Existence is just as life is. What is and what will never be is what is. Existence is a funky little words we've come up with that creates the duality of non-existence and existence. The truth of the matter is, to exist, one must non-exist at the same time. Hmm.
  4. I like your response, i just needed someone to put this in perspective for me, and now i think i see. That's why to say everything is intangible is to lie, maybe not to everyone but maybe to yourself.

    I've been thinking about languages, how finding the right language might help you explain what seems to be intangible easier, but then who would you be speaking it to? lol.

    I guess casting off confusion is about being positive, i guess i may be negatively charged, because i still cant make sense of this mess(status of our current state).

  5. What is there to make sense of? It's a state, it is impermanent by nature. The web is more tangled beyond belief, more intricate beyond comprehension, and to not let it tangle you up into a mess is a sign of transcendence. Remain present, remain mindful, remain aware, and most importantly, remain grounded.

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