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What is your 'Drug Buying' ritual?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mamba Smoke!, May 19, 2010.

  1. When picking up from my main guy, it goes like this:

    - Shoot him a text - "hey man, watsup?"

    - He replies - "not much man, chillin, wanna come by?"
    or - "im at work, be home at (insert time here) you can come by then

    - I agree and then head his way

    - Chill in his apartment, smoke and drink beers

    - Head back to my place.

    It's funny because we never make mention of weed, even secretly, in our communications, but its always understood what's up.
  2. Send out carrier pigeon
    Get smoke signals back
    Raft down the river
    Sacrifice a baby pig
    Get bud in mail?
  3. Call my dude, pick up some fresh works, jump on the train, go out to the city, after i pick up my shit go to my spot and fix quick before i jump on the train, and repeat. Life sucks xD
  4. walk across street.
    knock door.
    'what's up man, cody home?'
    proceed to cody's room.
    purchase, chill, smoke, play some vid games, bounce back across the street.

    i love across the street dealers.

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