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What is your 'Drug Buying' ritual?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mamba Smoke!, May 19, 2010.

  1. [quote name='"NorCalPiff"']First 3 are Caregiver stories, anything after that is back home on the East.

    1,Went to dispensaries for a while until I realized i was getting fucked royally paying 280$ an ounce. I NEVER pick up less than a QP. One random day I went to a dispensary, the owner of it was a total cocksucking faggot fuckboy who could have made A LOT of money off my dumb ass. Im like "So whats the most you can sell me of medicine bro, I like to buy quantity as money is scarce right now & I hate going back to buy more every other day." So he was like 2 ounces. In a very dick manner. I was like peace homie thanks anyways its appreciated. This like 45 year old follows me out, coolest fuckin guy ever. I was with my mom because she had to go out to Sacramento that day to drop something off & it would of been dumb for me to waste gas and a trip. So I get in the passenger seat, I see this CLASSY-Hippy dude (put the 2 together, classy and hippy, it is exactly what he was) like 45 years old says roll the window down, I saw 2 huge duffle bags in his hands. My heart sank as he said "You trying to get some Humboldt Dank? Im a vendor my man!" dude hops in the back (he was with his wife) he takes out (Im not fucking lying) 5 pounds, 3 of Cheese 2 of Grape Ape in those clear garbage bag type things all bagged separately tied at the top like you usually see them. I almost shit myself. 2350 for a P, its straight but defiantly not a plug, the plugs are comin up...I have never met more genuine amazing people than this couple from up North in Humboldt, he was down here trying to vend to dispensaries. How can anyone want to lock that man up? I understand the dispensaries that open and theres new BMWs in the driveway after 1 month that they should be busted, but this guys exact words "Just trying to make enough to pay the light bills & feed my family".

    2. Met this 1 guy a really fuckin weird way. Not even going to go into it. Anyways, I call him and I'm like yo you sell 50$ ounces dude? he's like yeah man. so I'm saying to myself that I'm either going to get robbed or raped most likely raped because 50$ is nothing. I meet this fat guy in the grocery store parking lot, he's driving a Bug with his wife, dude hands me an ounce for 50$ of TopShelf Indoor. Nicest dude ever. Waiting for him to harvest so I can really pick up.

    3. Met this other guy a really weird fuckin way. Not even going to get into it, lol. This dude met me in the city, hopped in his whip, got 3 ounces for 300$. Those pictures are in my pickup thread.

    4. Used to live in a really upscale town in Connecticut. I have been burned countless amounts of times, not because I'm a pussy what so ever, but because I dealt with ghetto fucks out of my league a lot. Not even going to talk about the robbing stories, fuck that. My 1 connect I had for a long time I would give 1600-1650$ for a QP (disgusting I know, but thats QP dank prices back east, sickens me Im paying 400$ for a QP now). He would roll up to my driveway, I would hand him 1650$ in an envelope, he would be back with my QP within 1-2 days. Weird bro. Thats what happens when you deal with truly good people, regardless whether he had money or not, he still could of taken that.

    SO many stories I just don't feel right posting on here.[/quote]

    Where in CT? Just wondering because I live there and the prices are ass.
  2. Schwag guy:

    "You rollin through today?"
    "Yeah how much you want?"
    "(insert amount here)"
    "Cool, we good."
    "Ight I'll be through in about 20 minutes."

    Then he shows up and we smoke and bullshit for a little bit.

    Dank dude:

    "Hey man what's good?"
    "Shit dude, I just made a pick up."
    "Sweet. Hook it up."
    "Your house?"
    "Yeah. Door's open." (I've known the guy since middle school)

    Then we smoke, watch tv, and grab a couple beers at the bar.
  3. It usually goes like this :
    1) text my friend/dealer what I need and ask price
    2) he tells me price, I bike/walk/drive to his house and exchange the cash for the ganj.

    Just recently got a new dealer who hooks me up with $25 quarters , I call him, he delivers not much to it lol
  4. Call my homie
    Hang out
    Get smoked out for free
    Get bud
    Hang out more
    Go home and mflb it up
  5. 1) Call dude tell him how much i need
    2) Go to bank and pull out $40 (usually)
    3) go to his house, exchange
    4) match a bowl with him
    6) go home
    end of story
  6. Txt my guy. Drive to his house. Walk in, give him the money, he gives me the ganja. I leave.

    Just a hint, cops think less of people just walking in to someones house, than they do of people knocking all day long.
  7. Go to dudes house. Park my ass on his couch for a few hours. Check his stash. Smoke some bowls. Work and metal? You bet your ass. Oh wait this isn't my dealer's house...
  8. Call or text my brother
    Meet him on campus
    Wait for a friend or two
    Go to dealer's place
    Find secluded spot or go to a friends place
    Roll up a gram and/or grind it up for bong
    Drop my brother off and any one else at dorms
    Chill with them
    Drive back to my apartment
  9. Call dealer #1
    Ask what he's got
    say what ill need
    he says hell meet me somewhere in five
    I meet up with him half an hour later :mad:
    Grab bud, talk, smoke a bowl, leave.

    Dealer numero dos
    call: Hey
    got bud
    meet me at soandso in ten?
    You got it
    Meet up in ten, burn.
    unfortunatley he always has regs

    Dealer #3
    hey im coming over
    ok, slut.
    Ill fucking murder your face
    Love you
    ... love you too
    Go over, burn.
  10. Me: What up dude
    Dealer: nm u
    Me: U good for an eighth?
    Dealer: Ya, where u at
    Me: My house, come over nd match?
    Dealer: Fo sho, be there in 20.

    Pretty easy for me. I have a few hookups around this town, so never really dry. And they all know that time=money, so I don't have to wait for their shenanigans.
  11. 1. Text him "hey *name*! What's good! You free today?"
    2. Gets a reply with available strains and time he is free. Usually he ask if I need delivery too.
    3. Wait for him to text me again when he is close.
    4. Go outside, hop on his car like he is picking me up.
    5. As he drive around to the other side of the building while I get my sack and leave the cash on the car seat.
    6. Drops me off behind my apartment. Usually we have some very random talk before I leave lol
  12. Hit up my dealer high as fuck
    He tells me how much time
    I smoke another bowl cuz hea usually late sometimes like 2 pr 3 hours it fuckin pisses me off
    He rolls up to my house exchange talk a lil sometimes when I have time he'll blaze me out sick then go back inside and smoke up fat
  13. hit up my dude

    go to my dudes house

    do my thing then, possibly burn with my dude and chill with friends there

  14. Dealer 1 my home girl:

    Yoo you straight?

    Yeah come over.

    Say no more, give me 5. And it betta be some dank shit

    Lol it is, hurry.

    Dealer 2, Cool guy:

    Yoo you good?

    Yeah, what you need?

    A pound, wassup lol

    Yeah what eva, I'm at my crib tho.

    Word, give me 10.
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    step 1. scope out a spot for a few days beforehand
    step 2. send a cryptic text to dealer
    step 3. set up stash point (drop the weed here in whatever form you were told to put it in)
    step 4. set up delivery point.(cash will be here)
    step 5. call dealer with voice modifier on and explain the rest of the "steps" for him and where to find the key for the strongbox where the cash is in after confirming the bud has been delivered i ask for the dealer to throw out the box and key in a specific trashbin for recovery later. i usually send a random person i.e pay em 20 bucks or something to help me with the "trash" or something. obviously they dont know what they are involved in.

    no dealer has ever seen my face since highschool. i dont play that shit. dealers contact me through "rumors" though if they are interested in secure transactions and getting paid. even the "civilians" involved dont see my face because i wear special make up. nothing crazy just learned how to do hollywood special effects make up a bit to help me out in life obviously not on a pro level with it but it comes in handy. as you can see from jackass the movie its fun seeing an old man run around with the energy of a 20 year old.
  16. 1. I knock on my dealers window
    2. He invites me inside
    3. he sells me weed :D
    4. Im stoned :D
  17. take the train to the city(10min ride)
    walk 5min to my fav. shop
    have a small talk with the guy
    ask him whats good
    Buy some (usually 2 or 3 g's)
    Smoke sum in the city, or get back to my hood and smoke there :smoking:

  18. dude what ? lol
  19. I've got a few guys, for when my main guy is out but it usually goes something like this:
    I shoot my guy a text..
    "hey you around for an eighth?
    "yeah, where you at?"
    "meet me at Walgreens"
    Get in his truck, he weighs it, we talk about the weather or some shit.
    "alright, thanks man stay safe"
    "you too"
    Drive home with the windows down cause the dank is so damn strong lol.

  20. It depends on what I'm getting

    Mids: me texting "what up bro, you straight"
    Dealer: yea when?
    Me: ill be there on my lunch break
    Meet at his house, roll up and smoke usually. Sometimes he has me ride with him to make drop offs. Then I go back to work nice and high.

    Dank dealer: text, me: you good?
    Dealer: yea, usually size? (which is always a quarter of dank)
    Me: and you know this
    Dealer: meet me at .... Near basketball courts
    Make pick up which usually is vacuum sealed, go home and smoke a phatty.

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