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What is your 'Drug Buying' ritual?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mamba Smoke!, May 19, 2010.

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    go to dealers pad, knock on door, wait for door to open, say "yo, lemme getta dub," then go home and blaze. simple as that
  2. cept when they hand you a quarter of mids for 20.:rolleyes:
  3. So you get a quarter of mids for 20?! :eek:
    Where do you live? Iraq?
    That our you got the hook ups :cool:
  4. Goes one of 2 ways:
    1) Call up the girl, ask for fire
    2) Meet up near TB or my place, usually in 5 minutes
    3) Make small talk, decide how much i want
    4) Peace out
    1) Drive to the club
    2) INDULGE! :smoking:
  5. I call my guy up
    Ask him if he's got what I need.
    If he does, I drive to his house.
    I call him when I'm outside.
    He comes out, gives me the goods, I give him the money.
    I tell him thanks, give him a handshake, then I'm out.
  6. Walk in my room
    OPen up my mason jar
    Smoke some of my homegrown weed
  7. Walk through a gas station; randomly get sold weed.
  8. "Hay mum can I grab tonight's bud"
  9. I drive half a mile up the street, to a local Carwash that all my homies work at.

    I pull up, throw up a random gang sign (irony)
    and he gets in my whip.


    Money delivered, Herb received.
  10. You have a dealer named lava?? :confused:
  11. I just go to my buddies house and we drive to his brothers house who's roommate deals. Wish it was always that easy to buy weed, any other dealer I've had to deal with usually takes like an hour and the product ain't even that great.
  12. -Call to see if hes home, and ask for what i need.
    -Smoke a J on the 10 minute walk to my dealers house.
    -Ending up waiting ages for half of what i wanted, and have to come back possibly up to 2 more times for the first lot.
    -Awkwardly try leave for like an hour.

    Sucks. Lol. But I normally use their grinder and smoke him up a couple snaps.
  13. I still just stop by un-announced. If he is home, Ill get a bag, if not I wait. No biggie. Great herb, Great hash, Good company. I love my dealer.
  14. I go into whatever dispensary I feel like going ( usually the one less than a block from my pad) show em my ID , they let me in, I choose my buds , go home and smoke.

    Not as adventurous as your guys story's , but meh
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    First 3 are Caregiver stories, anything after that is back home on the East.

    1,Went to dispensaries for a while until I realized i was getting fucked royally paying 280$ an ounce. I NEVER pick up less than a QP. One random day I went to a dispensary, the owner of it was a total cocksucking faggot fuckboy who could have made A LOT of money off my dumb ass. Im like "So whats the most you can sell me of medicine bro, I like to buy quantity as money is scarce right now & I hate going back to buy more every other day." So he was like 2 ounces. In a very dick manner. I was like peace homie thanks anyways its appreciated. This like 45 year old follows me out, coolest fuckin guy ever. I was with my mom because she had to go out to Sacramento that day to drop something off & it would of been dumb for me to waste gas and a trip. So I get in the passenger seat, I see this CLASSY-Hippy dude (put the 2 together, classy and hippy, it is exactly what he was) like 45 years old says roll the window down, I saw 2 huge duffle bags in his hands. My heart sank as he said "You trying to get some Humboldt Dank? Im a vendor my man!" dude hops in the back (he was with his wife) he takes out (Im not fucking lying) 5 pounds, 3 of Cheese 2 of Grape Ape in those clear garbage bag type things all bagged separately tied at the top like you usually see them. I almost shit myself. 2350 for a P, its straight but defiantly not a plug, the plugs are comin up...I have never met more genuine amazing people than this couple from up North in Humboldt, he was down here trying to vend to dispensaries. How can anyone want to lock that man up? I understand the dispensaries that open and theres new BMWs in the driveway after 1 month that they should be busted, but this guys exact words "Just trying to make enough to pay the light bills & feed my family".

    2. Met this 1 guy a really fuckin weird way. Not even going to go into it. Anyways, I call him and I'm like yo you sell 50$ ounces dude? he's like yeah man. so I'm saying to myself that I'm either going to get robbed or raped most likely raped because 50$ is nothing. I meet this fat guy in the grocery store parking lot, he's driving a Bug with his wife, dude hands me an ounce for 50$ of TopShelf Indoor. Nicest dude ever. Waiting for him to harvest so I can really pick up.

    3. Met this other guy a really weird fuckin way. Not even going to get into it, lol. This dude met me in the city, hopped in his whip, got 3 ounces for 300$. Those pictures are in my pickup thread.

    4. Used to live in a really upscale town in Connecticut. I have been burned countless amounts of times, not because I'm a pussy what so ever, but because I dealt with ghetto fucks out of my league a lot. Not even going to talk about the robbing stories, fuck that. My 1 connect I had for a long time I would give 1600-1650$ for a QP (disgusting I know, but thats QP dank prices back east, sickens me Im paying 400$ for a QP now). He would roll up to my driveway, I would hand him 1650$ in an envelope, he would be back with my QP within 1-2 days. Weird bro. Thats what happens when you deal with truly good people, regardless whether he had money or not, he still could of taken that.

    SO many stories I just don't feel right posting on here.
  16. I ALWAYS text first making sure it's the same person. One time I just straight up texted one of my guys and I woke up the next morning with a voicemail from some prude bitch threatening to call the 5-0 if I texted again asking for trees.

    I just text my friend, ask if he has any in stock, then he replies with what he has. I tell him what and how much I want, and he replies with a time frame. If he doesn't have any, he always gives me other numbers to try which is great when it gets dry. He always drops it off for me, so I always smoke him out and invite him to chill out for a while.

    Once in a while when he drops it off, he even brings up his stash box and rolls up a blunt for us to smoke with a bunch of different strains.. Really chill dude
  17. Many of my friends usually do it like this:

    (Call or meet up)
    Friend: Wassup dude?
    Me: Wassup.
    Friend: Hey you want to smoke?
    Me: Yea but I need to buy my supply first. Running out of surplus.
    Friend: Dude here. Take this, no questions. (Hands me a few J's or a dub)
    Me: Why do you always want to give me free stuff?
    (They all usually say: "Cuz you're [my name]!!")

    With this other dealer its like this when I call:

    Me: (I always say some weird shit like "Yo wassup this is Snow Dog!" In muffled voice)
    Dealer: Wassup [my name].
    Me: Watch you got for me?
    Dealer: I got headband for you! (Its one of my favorites so I make sure they know it, and have it)
    Me: Cool I'll meet you at your place.
    Dealer: Alright.

    Need a Medi Card soon.

  18. Don't text at all. My Caregiver the other day said to text him when I'm getting off the exit. I was like nah bro even though its legal I don't text. He understood. & if you don't have your medical card, just talk on the phone non-sketchy, don't say words.
  19. 1
    walk down the block
    knock on door
    go back home

    call friend
    take train an hour train ride
    get lit up
    try getting home

    call god brother
    1.5 hour train ride to god brothers house
    use his connects which requires knocking on neighbors doors or just walking around his neighbor hood for 5mins
    go back to god brothers house and smoke

    wait for neighbor to knock on my door or call(does it every day,gets kinda annoying sometimes)
    give him the money & send him to go look for any dealer i want him to go to
    wait for him to get back with my bud
    smoke him out depending on if he bought his own or not

    btw you know you have a problem when the number of dealers you know fills up a fourth of your phones contact list expecially if there is 128 people on your contact list =D lol
  20. 1. Text dealer and ask him if he's available
    2. If so, give him an intersection on where to meet
    3. Get in dealers car (usually late) and drive around the block
    4. Tell him how much I want, have a conversation about w/e
    5. Get out and blaze :smoke:

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