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What is your 'Drug Buying' ritual?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mamba Smoke!, May 19, 2010.

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    lol..text a dealer, or whoevers holding what I want, meet up with em somewhere, he gives me my shit, i pay him and thats that..depends on who i buy from though. generally ill be like thanks man! or kick it with em.
  2. I dont really have much of a ritual. For my main guy he always knows I want an 8th from him so I just txt him tellin him to come through and he does. For my backup guys, one is the landlords son at a place one of my homeboys rents so I usually just run into him by chance, and my other guy I'll call him up, ask if he's around, and if he can come see me, then he'll ask what I need and I'll tell him. My main guy and the latter backup come right to my driveway, I live on a deadend and I've known most of my neighbors for atleast 20 years almost so they aint gonna rat on me. Usually we'll just bullshit briefly but never for too long, its all biz to them and to me as well.

    Thats it pretty much.
  3. haha i hate when i havwe to do a handoff through a window, this one time i went to grab an o expected to be able to get in and when he rulls up his car is full and i was like ooo fuck im wearing shorts and a t-shirt where am i gana put this lol..
  4. -text my dude, tell him ive got his money
    -he says cool and asks if i want more/what kind when i come to drop $ off
    -i say yes
    -i walk into his crib
    -we chill, talk about the yankees, sometimes my old hs friends are there n we shoot the shit, and im in and outta there anywhere within 5-60 minutes depending on circumstance, whos there, etc
  5. Go to my guys house
    go inside
    go to his bag
    weigh myself out however much I need
    put the money in an envelope
    If he is there Ill usually chill for a bit.
  6. Call my dealer
    Ask him if he's got stuff
    Tell him what I need
    Meet up with him at someplace close to me
    Exchange money and recieve weed
    Walk home happy
  7. Call him up ask what he copped. Walk a half-hour over pick it up, chill for awhile and ask if he wants to blaze, roll, do some lines w/e. He gives me free shit all the time so I always shoot some shit I bought.

    Only thing that sucks though is he's a big time dealer if someone buys it all for a good price he won't keep any to the side. It's worth it though.
  8. Anyone just go to there yard and pick a bud? lol
  9. well usually, i call my guy about 3 hours before i want nug, because if he says "ill be there in 20 minutes" he means "i might be near by in 3 hours"

    it really pisses me off sometimes, but he has the best nugs in town and he always hooks it up extra when hes late
  10. My usuals I'll call and they'll have it, so I go over to their house, we sample it, then I buy it and chill and smoke a bowl there for a bit. This last bag I bought was from a buddy's brother whom I had never met (which I wasn't too fond of, but he had some kush, and I've been getting straight dirt regs lately). We picked a spot to meet, he rolls up, throws the bag in my lap through the car window, we make chit chat for about 10 seconds, I slap him some money, and we jet.
  11. I got a buddy who's real bad about saying "Yeah, come on over, I found some." meaning, "somebody said they might know where some is" and we just end up wasting half a day unless I just call somebody else.
  12. me-You on

    dealer- yea come by

    i call him once i get there.
    go in his house.
    talk a bit.
    and he pulls out plenty of mason jars and i get to pick what i want. :p
  13. 1. Text "Yo man u got any chris"
    "Fo sho"
    2. Buy drugs, preferably in my home with my mother in her room. Immediately snort drugs, ask if he wants to do a line, forgetting that he only deals.

    3. Stay spun for days on end. Finish, repeat ritual. This is what it was like when I was doing meth. Btw chris is meth.
  14. 1-Call and tell him how much
    2-Get in car and drive to spot
    3-get in his car
    4-he puts on scale
    5-I bag up and get out
    6-We both head out until next time which is usually a day or two away
  15. 1. Call my mom's friend
    2. He brings the weed
    3. I start smoking, invite him for a hit
  16. I dont like the dealer i have right now knowin where i live, dont like anyone i dont trust knowin where my house is.
    so i ring him up , meet him on a different road or if i'm out at a club.
    normally waitin about 20 minutes, fine by me, get in, do the exchange, he drives me around the streets a bit and then i hop out. :smoke:
  17. walk across the road and knock on his door give him $20 for a nice 2 gram bag of mids it doesnt get any easier realy
  18. I have many, It's a different ritual for all of them.
  19. 1. Text my guy and ask if he's in town (we never discuss bud)
    2. He calls me when he's in
    3. Go to ATM to grab cash
    4. Walk across street to his house
    5. Pick up sack
    6. ....
    7. Happiness
  20. :laughing:

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