What is your dirtiest secret?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by delilahweed, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. This isn't referring to sexual. It can be a sexual, bad, or any type of BAD secret.

    Ill go first or course.

    When I was younger my girl cousin pissed me off so I put my own piss in her toothpaste as well as soap. She got pissed because it tasted like soap. Little did she know...
  2. I pissed in my neighbors milk jug one day because she was a bitch. She took a drink and said "eew what'd y'all mix with this"?? Hahaha

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  3. You both are nasty. How would you like someones piss in your mouth.
  4. I wouldn't. But it sure is funny as fuck watching people put it in their mouth though.
  5. filed a green tea bottle up with sewer water and let a friend take a chug. not a secret no but hey continues the theme 
  6. OP this threat has the wrong title. It should be "Fucked up shit you have done to other people". But in that case i once rubbed my uncles glasses between my ass cheeks. He was being a dick and had it coming..
  7. i never wipe my asshole.
  8. I pissed on my cousins bed and it dried so he never knew..

    Took a shit, piss ect and swirled my step dads toothbrush in the toilet
  9. Pee is sterile. so its not THAT bad hahahahaha
  10. I'm a gold member of GC..... :hide:
  11. If i drop a piece of food on the floor and no one sees me, i still eat it.
  12. Ok now that's fucked up. Lol

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  13. Respect!
  14. I fucked this chick back in highschool.
    and a few weeks later...
    I fucked her mom. She even made me fuck her dirty little milf asshole.

    Neither one knows about me fucking them both.
  15. I sucked a dirty dildo for a dollar....got a arizona iced tea for that joint 
  16. In high school, I had a bunch of idiots harassing me. Nothing too much physical, but really fucked up comments, half of which I couldn't understand.
    Anyway, they were always trying to copy off of me in Science class. Finally they started to threaten me towards the very end of the school year, since they weren't going to pass without a very high final exam grade.
    I went to the Science teacher after school and explained the situation and my plan. He was one of those honestly cool teachers, like the ones that they used to use in those "teach" commercials in the US back in the day. I took the test the day before in his classroom, after school. I then had a second test to fake take during the final exam.
    I had to suppress my laughter as I passed my test back for them to copy.
    They all failed and had to go to summer school. I laughed all summer as I got high and played video games. :smoke:
    No bodily fluids necessary, although it could be argued that I shit all over them. :devious:
  17. In high school I had a bunch of people over after the day was done.
    This one kid was being a dick to me, in my own house, and he ended up asking me if I could get him something to drink. So I went upstairs got him a glass of water and took a little piss in there and gave him it. 
    He goes takes a sip and says "This tastes like sewer." 
  18. why would you piss in water.... wouldnt it be yellowish?
  19. when we were younger me and my brother were fighting, you know over something retarded or just to fight, sibling bullshit. well i was so mad i went to his room and farted bare ass on his pillow and wiped my butt with it in hopes of him getting pink eye. classy right? lmao. he never did get pink eye but i enjoyed him sleeping in my fart.

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  20. lmao!!! reminds me of this one night at my homies house, we were all retarded drunk at like 3am and there was this one dude that was just being a dick the whole time but he was a roomate so we couldn't tell him to leave. anyway he passes out in the chair while everyone else is still partying. it so my two friends were in the kitchen and you just here them cracking the fuck up and the walk out with a big jug of water and poured it all over the dude passed out. the guys gets up alllllll angry like hulk status, he runs up to them all chest out arms at the side like a gorilla and just breathes really hard and grunting, and then starts crying and goes to his room lol. it was funny but the other too guys were laughing way too hard so we asked them whats up and it turns out one of em pissed in it lmao

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