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What is your dealer like?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Greyson6ix, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Tell me what your dealer is like. I'm curious to hear
  2. Which one? I have like 5 they're all sound they do me decent deals and always smoke me up when I score of them :smoke:
  3. He's a pirate.
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  4. That's an odd question,,,hmmm

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  5. My dealer gives great deals especially when i buy quantity
  6. One lives next door and does 0,7 for ten bucks but that stuff is of highest quality. Another one is a gambling addicted coke head who sells good weed for good prices and occasionally fancier stuff.
    My best friend sells some occasionally he gave me 3,5 g for ten bucks and a beer.
    How many dealers do I know Fuck. 8 if the three in jail count
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  7. My dealer is a cool dude. His a college student like me so it's cool having an educated dealer who knows their shit. He got only high grade weed and he knows the name of the strains AND some dabs now and then. A lot of the time we will chat it up for a while during the deal and sometimes he will smoke me out. I really couldn't ask for me, expect for it to be cheaper LOL but not much I can do when I'm in a non medical/ non rec state. Gotta pay the risk tax. lol

  8. "Risk tax" tf is that :laughing:
  9. Well it's something that I've notice. It's like cannabis prices are cheap as dirt in the west and then it increases in price as you move east of the usa. I also assumming the weed is coming from cali, colorado, washington where weed is abundant and then it's driven across the states and the further one has to drive it the more expensive it will become because you have to take the risk of driving large amounts of the stuff to make it worth wild.

    I assumed it had to do with the fact that most non medical/ no rec states have stiff penalties for cannabis possession. So I don't mind paying 50 for an 1/8 knowing I could get an 1/8 of the same quality for 25-35 dollars here in cali

  10. Damn f that bro I live in the UK where its illegal I've never heard of risk tax,one of my dealers lives 40 miles away and he drops off to me at no extra charge he even smokes me up when he gets to my house :smoking::smoking: I think its just in the USA where they have risk tax then:laughing:
  11. Requires blood sacrifice, trek through oblivion, and five star wanted level. Only does a nic at a time. Good guy.
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  12. Yeah, it's gotta be a USA thing. That American GREED! :laughing:
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  13. She is a dickhead she refuses to let me see the weed without seeing the money first ever since we broke why would I try and rob her that would look so bad me being a guy and all. Maybe different if it was a stranger with a penis but when you grew up together it's wierd I think
  14. My dealer is in a strip mall next to a Chinese buffet. God bless Colorado.
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  15. Lmao who buys weed of there ex? Get a new plug bruh

  16. That's good for the Chinese buffet bet all the stoners go there lol
  17. Oddly enough, I love both places but have never been to both on the same day. Usually by the time I leave the weed store, I just go home and eat because I've spent all my extra income for the week.
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